Reimyo CDP-777 vs Ayon CD-5

I am curious if any Audiogoner's have had the opportunity to compare these two great redbook players? Both warm, analogue sounding and both pushing the limits of redbook design, though from different schools of thought; one being solid state & the other being a tube design.

There is no doubt the Reimyo is built around a great transport, but do the virtues of Ayon's Skylla-based player put it on a level pegging?
There is a small blurp in the 6moons skylla review about how the skylla sounds a lot like the reimyo but it lacks a bit of their depth, resolution and softness but costs five or six times less.
Hi Kingstyles1, yes I read that review, but would like to hear from any members who have personally compared the two players. Reviews can be a bit biased, no disrespect intended to reviewer Wojciech Pacula. Cheers.
The "blurp" in the 6moons review refers to the Reimyo separates, not the DCP-777 player.
No comments? It would be awesome to hear from an Audiogoner who has compared the two players!
I surmise no comment because the CD-5 is the undisputed winner. Vive la Ayon!
Well buyers have a choice; buy a superceded player which will become a boat anker the moment the laser goes, or buy a reference player which is fully supported with readily available parts & back up and built with Austrian engineering..
You can still purchase lasers for the future,they are still available from Reimyo.
Thanks for the info Mike, though it will inevitably be a similar situation to Infinity. Infinity (Harmon Group) kept a batch of old parts for Classic Infinity models, and within a few years they sold out, now they're no longer available anywhere but Ebay or AG second hand. Also, the transport itself is definitely no longer available. Victor no longer supply that transport which has now been superceded by Reimyo.
JVC Pro used in Reimyo is on of the most reliable transports ever made. Not the cheap plastic stuff that Philips and Sony sells nowadays (even the Philips CD-Pro2 drive is all plastic & cheap motor under the shiny aluminum skin).

I have once talked to Patrick from Krell (Krell used this transport in their uber-expensive KPS-25sc), and he told me that they yet have to see one of those transports die ... so far they replaced only those that had been physically damaged.

With Reimyo haveing a healthy stockpile of those transport mechanisms, I wouldn't worry too much. In any case, in 10 years time, we will all use HDD based systems anyway.
Thanks for the info Whitewind, for me the inclusion of an excellent tube pre-amp in the Ayon CD-5 moved me in that direction, otherwise I would have been interested in the old CDP-777. I agree, it's transport is one of the best ever made, though I don't agree the Pro-2 LH version transport (as used by Ayon) is cheap rubbish. It's good enough for Audio Research's reference player & many others, and still a fine transport. To my knowledge, no one has done a comparison of the CDP-777 & CD-5, but that would be interesting!
I agree, it's transport is one of the best ever made, though I don't agree the Pro-2 LH version transport (as used by Ayon) is cheap rubbish.

Well, it is not exactly cheap rubbish, but if you ever have a chance to examine it more closely, you will notice that it is not build to the same standards as JVC drive is (actually far from it !), or one of the older Philips drives.

FYI - the CD-Pro2 uses same laser pickup, gear assembly and Mabuchi motor as the $10, all plastic, Philips VAM-1201.
Reimyo transport still available, any other comments on comparasions between these 2 players Ayon and Reimyo?
Sorry to wake up thread so old, but I have a qustion to @melbguy1 :
In another thread I read that you retubed AYON CD-5. I wonder what tubed have you used and what was the result - Ayon mentioned in their literature that they hand picked 6H30 tubes (but dunno whcih ones).
I absolutely LOVE sound of my AYON CD-5, but if there is a way to improve upon it via tweaking I am all for it ))).
As of discussion - I never owned Reimyo, but I used before OPPO 105, who many people on this form swear by. The difference was so obvious and tremendous that my wife immediately recognized when I switch it.. from another room! Talking about night and day - that was really night and day.
Dunno if there better transports - but mine is very quiet and reliable (however I use 80% of the time AYON as DAC).