Reimyo CDP

Recently, I came very close to the purchase of a Reimyo CDP-77, and I am still considering its purchase. Uupon hearing it, I have been favorably impressed with its capabilities.

That said, I have noticed several pass through Audiogon recently, which is surprising considering its abilites, and the relative "newness" of the product. After all, if this machine won't do it for you, there are very few digital alternatives with potential upside in my view.

If I ultimately select this unit, I may purchase on the secondary market, and I cannot seem to find any information concerning the transfer-ability of the Reimyo warrantee to a second party. Does anyone out there know if this company conveys its warrantee coverage to owners other than the original purchaser?

Also, it seems there are relatively few US dealers offering this product. Accordingly, I would assume there are very few facilities authorized to conduct repairs to the unit as well. This makes me curious. Has anyone out there had reliablility issues with the CDP-777, and if so, where does it have to go for service?

Thanks in advance.
Pardon the proofreading snafu on my part when opening this thread. Next time I'll preview!

Anyhow, I have obtained the answer regarding warrantee transfer and duration for Reimyo products. No need to reply further.

Thanks anyhow.
From a dealer: 1 year warrantee, and it does not transfer. I am told that in addition, they will not do a voltage conversion for a second owner.

Repairs go back to Japan for remediation (ugh), although to date, the word is there have been none.
I am a Reimyo dealer located in the Chicago area. In nearly all cases warranty service is performed by a highly qualified technician connected with the US distributor. Warranty is one year.
The Reimyo would be worth to me, were I considering a purchase in this price range.

Best CD sound I have ever heard.

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