REL Gibralter G2 a good choice?

Hi all,

I've been planning to add a subwoofer to my system (see below) for quite some time now. I would like to augment my monitors and am looking for "musical" bass rather than the Home theater version.

The REL line of subwoofers seem like a good bet, primarily as they have Speaker level connections. This would mean the monitors would run full range and the REL picks up from around 45 Hz or so. I realize this doesn't lighten the load on my amp but has the benefit of not adding extra equipment to my system. I was also looking at JL audio but my understanding is they work best with an external crossover with High pass/Low pass filter set up and I'm not sure the added cost and work is worth it.

The top contender at this time is the REL Gibralter G2.

I would love to hear your thoughts/comments.

Thanks for reading!


My system:
Vinly source: Rega RP6/Linn Adikt cart > Lejonklou Kinki 3 phono
Digital: Macbook Pro > Centrance DACMini CX

Amp: Simaudio 250i (50 W per channel)

Devore Fidelity Gibbon 3XL (45 Hz - 40 KHz, 90dB/W/M, 8ohm)
REL is a great choice. Easy to integrate, the G2 has a remote. Depending on your room size you may want to explore a 2nd G2 down the road.
I have a pair of G2's along with my Magnepan 20.7's. The room is 16x24x9. About half way down it opens gradually to about 19' wide and there's only a half wall at the 24' line so it is kinda open to another room. Wonderful match and not so hard to integrate as one might think.
There are plenty of other choices that offer better performance and integration for less money. Two smaller subs would be better than one big one.
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Several REL's I've owned had issues (blown amps) I'd stay clear of any REL. As Bob states above the KL Audio would make a GREAT choice.
KL Audio makes ultrasonic RCMs. Have they started making subs ? If so, has anyone compared them to JL Audio ?
I have used RELs for many years and I agree with Erikminer; I would suggest to also check the new S series, which are wireless and may be more practical.
Every proponent of REL always says they are musical. I've had REL Storm, B1, and newer R 'serie'. I've also had Velodyne FSR-12 and DD12. I have had a VMPS Larger sub. I have had JL E112. Movies? Velodyne or JL. Music? REL, absolutely. If you research, the criticism of REL is that they do not go down that low with much power compared to the competition. It doesn't matter, they are able to couple with the speakers and the room such that the musical experience is that much more realistic and enjoyable. Even as an organ aficionado, I would rather have the strengths of the REL against the strengths of the others. The VMPS? This is a true sub bass woofer. It moves air. There is no replacement for displacement, as they say ! The VMPS are great if you have the time and wherewithal to set them up properly, but in my opinion they are slightly slower than the others. But the bass they produce is prodigious. I have not heard the REL G series. Lastly, the accuracy of the Velodynes and adjustability is great, and if I had to live with one I would be OK with that. The RELs are harder to set up, and if you have strong room nodes they can be tough at that frequency. But overall I like the REL.
Thank you all for your input. I apologize for the delay in my reply but it took quite a while for my question to be posted and I initially thought it hadn't gone through.

Anyways, I agree the G2 from a financial standpoint is overkill for the system but I was looking to pick up a used one. The ease of integration and ability to match the speed of my Devores (woofer is only 5") is the key for me. My understanding is that a 10" driver paired with the power the G2 comes with should make that possible. Another option is to get two R-218 which is also a sealed box wih 10" driver but it has nowhere the same power. Any thoughts?

Vladimir, thanks for the tip re: S series, will definitely look into it.

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Thanks for your reply Bob. The Devores despite having only a 5" driver are rated as 45Hz - 40 KHz. I realize that "real world" numbers may differ. I plan to measure them in my listening room soon.

The Devores go down to 45hz. Set the cross over on the REL at or about 45hz. For example my Rockport Aviors go down to 28hz and I have set the crossover on the G1 to 30 hz. It doesn't hurt to be able to do this with a REL remote incl phase and volume setting.