REL or Martin Logan?

Just wondering if anybody has compared two.I would throw Vandersteen 2Wq into mix but they are single price point unlike ML and REL.Have heard very nice bass from Velodyne,Revel etc and know if you want to spend $3K you can get great bass that intgergrates with many speakers but have heard that those with fast very pitch accurate speaker that are fast like Magnepan,Martin Logan,Quad ESL's etc do better with multiple drivers creating depth of bass and air pushed because they themselves are faster (at their price points they exceed large 15-18" units).

I have horn speakers now but no matter what I have I am more into music than HT so would sacrifice some depth or slam for finese and easy integration.Also am intrigue by single driver TBI's but haven't heard them while I have heard REL Strata.The one execption I have thought to this out because of sophisticated software is new velodyne DD series but still think ML,REL, or even Vandersteen (which would be shy of depth I want) would be better design wis so wondeing if anybody has gone head to head REL/ML
I love the ML subs...until I heard the Descent when it came out, my top favorite was the HSG-18 we had in the demo theater. We put the Descent in and I loved it even more. It didnt have the "guts" of the Velo, but it sounded better...especially on music.I have never heard an REL so I cant compare, but the reviews and opinions are good.

If you want another option, look at the Zu Method or Mini-Method. They are supposedly very quick, articulate, accurate, and play low and loud...they should do it all....of course I havent heard one either. But they make them to match with their Druid, Tone, and Definition speakers, which by nature, are very dynamic and have superb transient response....look into it...they have a 60-day trial period. Might be worth trying in your home.
Listened to the ML Depth and Strata 3 at an audio salon a few years ago. Both high output/neutrik cable. The Depth had a more prominent bass and went deeper. Was always aware that the sub was there, it did not disappear and blend with the main speakers like the Strata. My preference was the Strata as it worked better to me with a 2-channel setup. Can see where others who like lots of bass would go for the ML. It was impressive but after close listening it was just too much bass. Even after adjusting the gain and crossover points I just could not get it to integrate to my liking at the store to where I was not aware of its presence.
I have listened to both the REL and Martin Logan. Both are very fine speakers. In the end, it came down to this. The REL integrates with my Maggies in a way that the ML does not. Don't know how it would work in your setup. Only one way to find out...