Rel Storm and Rel Strata III

Can anyone tell me the differances between thses two? Is the strata III an upgrade to the original storm?
Let me clarify! Would the Strata III be a better subwoofer. than an older Storm? My system is B&K 4090 Citation 5.1 Amp B&W DM 620
I have the Strata III. The Storm is a bigger sub than the Strata. That depends though on what improvements have been made to the Strata over the years. My advice is to call Rel and ask them.
I had the Stata II and upgraded to the Stata III. The Strata III is about as poweful as the orig. Storm, but I still don't think it loads a room quite as good as the orig. Storm. The great thing about the Strata III, compared to the orig. Storm, is the ability to have different crossover settings for the speaker level and line level inputs (works great in my combo HT/2-channel setup).
I think the Storm is ported, whereas the Strata is sealed. I tried both independently but not together. I think the Storm was more extended, but not as tight as the Strata.
PS: I have read other comments like Redkiwi's. I have also tried both. The Storm tightens up considerably if you upgrade the stock computer grade power cord that comes with it. (Yes is does have the IEC power cord connection.) I bought the Storm III
Hi Sugarbrie. I did try the Storm with the top-of-line XLO powercord - unfashionable today, but actually one of the more neutral sounding power cords, and the only one that I had spare that was long enough. I didn't get the chance to try the Storm and Strata together, but suspect the Strata sounded tighter only because it rolled-off quicker. I got more promising results from the Storm in terms of soundstage bloom and suspect it did a much better job in the 20 to 30Hz region.
They are both nice subs. Take your pick. One reason I chose the Storm had nothing to do with a comparison of the two. I was just a lucky duck in the right place at the right time. Some guy ordered two. One had a (very) small cosmetic ding on one edge; the side that faces the wall. The box had a mark on the same spot so it was shippng damage. They offered him a discount, but he wanted one that was perfect. I guess since It was now an open box return because he had brought it home, they offered it to me for $1249. It is the Cherrry Storm III ($2000). That will never happen again.