REL Subwoofer - How to use the "Mode Selector" switch

Hi~ I hope someone can help me on how to use the "Mode Selector" switch on REL Britannia sub (mine is B2). There are four modes (1 to 4) and I was wondering which one to use if I want to reverse the phase polarity (=180) with the high level connection that REL recommends. The four modes are:

1: Line / 0 degree

2: LFE / 0 degree

3: Line / 180 degree

4: LFE / 180 degree


Many thanks!


as @noromance said ... #3

you should really read the manual, carefully, of your rel - more important to do this to set up and use these subs correctly than just about any other piece of gear

(if you don't have it it can be downloaded from their website)


I own a REL Britiania B2 Sub, The Mode selector switch changes the Phase from 0 to 180. If your using the REL SPKON (high level) connection (which you should be) Then you would only have to concern your self with the LINE (high level) setting either use #1 for 0 phase or #3 for 180. ( when setting phase the louder one is the correct one).

P.S. even though this sub has not been produced in quite some time, it still is one of the best subs REL ever made, however over time the woofer will degrade and if you call REL in Berkley CA Im sure they would sell you the upgraded woofer for the B2...I think I paid around $350 for the new replacement...well worth it:-)

Matt M

Actually this is what REL said about the mode selector. Looks like either position 3 or 4 will do...


"Thank you for contacting us, and for supporting REL Acoustics. You are correct that the Mode switch/dial on your Britannia B2 functions as the subwoofer's phase control, while also selecting whether the RCA inputs feed through the subwoofer's crossover filter circuit ("line" source, meaning positions 1 and 3 on the switch) or bypass the crossover filter circuit ("LFE" source, positions 2 and 4 on the switch). If you are only connecting the B2 using it's High Level input then you will not need to worry about how the RCA inputs function, and will only need to treat the Mode switch as a phase control. In that case positions 1 and 2 of the switch will represent a 0 degree phase setting, and positions 3 and 4 will represent a 180 degree phase reversal. "