Reliability Problem with Linn Genki?

Is anyone else having problems with their Linn Genki? I purchased mine used. When it arrived, the display showed Err messages, the unit made plastic "grinding" noises, and it also had tracking problems. I sent the Genki to the Linn service shop in Florida and paid them $550 to replace the main board (the seller was kind enough to pay for almost all of the costs). Less than three months later, it started having similar problems until it finally died. If others are having similar reliability problems, please let me know so that I can cut my loss and purchase another brand.
I have never heard of this with any Linn. I was going to purchase the Genki but bought the Ikemi instead and no problems at all. I would contact Linn in florida since they fixed it 3 mos. ago maybe they offer a warranty on the work they do. If not I would move on. In electronics I have found you can chase your tail forever once problems start
I used to sell Linn and we never had any service issues with the Genki (or the Ikemi) and we sold quite a few.
On my Linn Genki I bought new three years ago, I just found Err2 appearing at the power on.
Which error messages where yours?
I'm in contact with Linn service to get more info before going through the eventual repair.
Claudio Italy-Modena