Replace B&W-M802's w/2 way monitors Merlins? ..

I've owned a pair of B&W--M802-S3's for about 4 years now--they were my first real "high end" component. Since then I've built the rest of my system around them (almost all used): VTL TL2.5 preamp, Rega P25 w/Benz Glider, ARC VT100 MKII, CAL CL25 CDP, medium priced Nordost & St. Wire IC's, & cheap Monster spkr. cables (I know, that last could be a problem). My listening room is approx. 16ft x 12ft.

Until recently I've finally become very happy with the sound of my system. But the other night I wanted to try out my (unused for awhile) VTL-ST85 power amp, & to do that I hooked it up instead of the ARC, & plugged in my B&W CDM1SE's (so all other source components/preamp were as listed above). I was kind of blown away by the imaging & sound-stage of the small B&W's, & also the nice tube sound of the VTL--felt like I was hearing much more a sense of "space", the speakers disappeared much more, etc. So far I'm chalking up what I liked about that sound to A. some of the inherent advantages of 2 way monitor spkrs., & B. also to the VTL sound, which I think (IMHO, only!) is a lot more seductive than most ARC products.

So I started thinking again about replacing the 802's with small monitor speakers--like Totems, Pro-Acs, possibly Dyne-Audios, but the small Merlin's (TSM's) have intrigued me for quite awhile, for several reasons, two of which is that they are relatively easy to drive, & sound great with tubes. Then today I came upon a used pair of the latest TSM's, in a special order finish, with nice stands, for about what I could hopefully sell my 802's for..........

Don't get me wrong, the 802's in the system I described sound excellent--but I think perhaps a wee bit congested, & analytical. And I think maybe the VT100 contributes to the analytical sound, as good as it is. Also, some people talk about how difficult the 802's are to drive/make sound good. Someone today suggested that even a VT100 may not really be enough power for them........I think the bottom line for me was that the small VTL & small B&W's (even if those speakers are not the last word in resolution, etc.) were much more relaxing, & seductive, to listen to. So anyway, I have to make this decision on the Merlin TSM's......Any feedback or advice on any of this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Steve
I sold my Series 's after 8 years and also after i had all the tweaks: Northcreek Xovers, the S Anchor stands and a Anodyne filter. I have the VSM's. I'm not sure if the TSM's will fulfill you bass requirements.
I have 801 series 3 in my main system. However, I have a second system I really love. ARC LS12 preamp, Musical Fidelity A3CR amp, McIntosh MR-71 with Mullard and Telefunken Gold Pins and Swans M-1 mini-monitors, Analysis Plus 9 bi-wires, Pioneer DVD-626D, and one Infinity HPS-500 sub on very low at about 70hz crossover. I simply love the imaging, space, and air. I too thought about how crazy it is that a $5k system can be so good and come so close to capture what I want. Yet, when the music opens up and orchestra moves forward the 801 s3 really make you happy. If you can I would try some inexpensive but fantastic equipment like Musical Fidelity and have your 2-way monitors. It will provide such a intimate relaxed time you will relish every minute. They both have their place.
try looking at the vsm-m or se's and upgrade them to m's. i have never heared the tsm's but own the vsm-ms and have listened to the 801s. although not the last word in base the merlins are muuuuch more musical and seemless. (i listen to jazz and classical) plus the are 99db eff. you could drive them with ease via the vtl 85. (maybe pick up some synergy from the pre?) if the tsm's are half as good as the vsms...they will (to me) be more musically satisfying. fwiw

PS: While I don't know what base is I think another piece in this puzzle is the room geometry, acoustics, and your priority. I often tell friends just like you would not trust me when I say "I just eat the best meal in the world" there is no such thing as a universal best musical sound. But there is for you. Why do guys seem to turn everything into a contest? Keep off the Viagra! Darn it!
I went ahead & ordered the used TSM-M's; Ruby Heart finish, with Osiris stands. The TSM-M's don't show up used that much yet & since it was the finish I wanted thought I'd better go for it. Now it will be fun comparing the 2 amps that I have, & the 802's vs. the Merlins. Then deciding whether to set up a 2nd system w/the Merlins & VTL, or sell the B&W's & use the Merlins for my main system.

Thanks again for the feedback here, lots of useful advice!