would like suggestions on how much to ask for 1955 Magnavox system

Hey All, Years ago my friend's mom asked if I'd take her 1955 "state of the art", 3' tall Magnavox speakers with built in turn table and radio to the dump; I hauled them 470 miles home. The tubes are still burnt out so I don't know if the radio or the phono work but the speakers are still good. Each 3' tall, 23" wide, and 20" deep, individual speaker cabinet/housing holds 1 15" woofer, 1 7" midrange, a 5" tweeter and another 5" speaker that looks like another tweeter(?). It's now time to part with them but I haven't been able to find anything like the whole system that's sold only individual speakers.  Should I pull the speakers out and sell them individually? Or, How much would I ask for the whole system?
Need a photo of the unit and the model number tag if possible. Could be worthless, or worth quite a bit if it is mid-century modern styling. 
I think you’ll likely have an easier time selling if you part it out. No one wants consoles, unless they’re free or near free (then they take them apart for the components). The magnavox stereo tube amps are easy to sell, and depending on the model will bring >$125 as is. Try to get the chassis # and what power tubes it’s running. The 9304 runs el84’s. The speakers may be easy to sell too - especially the 15” drivers. Get the mfg codes off of the baskets - will tell you what you’re dealing with.
^I understand that there has been a recent, small but growing trend to rebuild these consoles, perhaps coincidentally due to the renewed interest in turn of the century furniture, and/or as well as vinyl and tubes?