Replaced La Scala with...?

I have a pair of Klipsch La Scala speakers that I picked up used on a whim. I also have a pair of Edgarhorn System 100, but that's another story. It has been a love-hate relationship with the horns. I recently moved the La Scalas into a different listening area and I am not entirely pleased with the sound. I am considering selling the speakers and moving to something new - probably a smaller full-range. My question: why have La Scala owners decided to go to a different speaker, and what has been the speaker progression following a pair of La Scalas?
they aren't hifi speakers they are for PA applications....I suppose you could mod the crap out of them but you're better with something else.
I've owned two pairs of LaScalas, and, as Larryken suggested, modded the crap out of them to get them to sound the way I preferred. They do a whole lot of things really well, but also could stand for a whole bunch of improvements to take them to the next level. I let go of my last pair strictly because of space and WAF issues (I moved out of my large workspace and brought my system home to our modest house). I spent about three years trying to find a suitable replacement and was mighty frustrated along the way. I finally found a speaker that satisfied my desire for the lightening fast and musical speakers that my modified LaScalas were; Coincident Super Eclipse III. They actually do many things better than the Scalas, they go lower and are more coherent throughout the range. I'm using low powered SET amplification, so I absolutely needed something quite sensitive with a flat response. The other speakers I liked were Quicksilver Sonatinas, but they didn't go quite as low as I wanted. The Conincidents are faster, go lower, and throw a great soundstage. Scala's also don't bass, dropping off steeply below 50hz. Still, in their modified form they are hard to beat...I don't think I put that much $ in mods, but certainly it took time and effort. You can probably find other threads in the archives where I go into those mods so I won't repeat them here. Good luck.
i have the lascala twos and i like them very much . i am now looking for new amplification to go with high Dd speakers,no need for powerhouse macs any longer. i used vandersteen and b&w and was happy with them until the klipsch. maybe try a subwoofer with your speakers.
I never cared for the LaScalas' sound. My roommate in the army had a pair while I had both Heresys and Fortes. IMO, either the Heresys or the Fortes, and especially the Fortes sounded much better. I recently picked up a pair of Heresy IIIs as a foray into tube amps began. I put a Cary 120s on them and Marantz SS before that. As you can imagine the SS put a little edge into the horns but sounded suprisingly good while the Cary 120S sounds very good on them. I almost enjoy listening to that system as much as my much more expensive main one. Whether it's the tubes,horns or the combination of both, I'm not sure but I'm a little hesitant to mess with success.
My roommate in the army had a pair while I had both Heresys and Fortes. IMO, either the Heresys or the Fortes, and especially the Fortes sounded much better.

I'd imagine that you didn't hear those LaScala's at their best then. I've owned two pairs of LaScalas, a pair of Heresys and two pairs of Forte II's. Though I'd say the Forte II's are great bang-for-buck speaker, neither those nor the Heresys could touch the LaScalas for detail, refinement, speed and soundstaging (IMHO, of course) - that based upon my experience with those speakers. All of them sounded best, to my ears, with tube amplification, again, IMO. I've heard LaScalas sounding positively awful with a poorly chosen SS amp. Enough that I'd want to leave the room. I would never choose either Heresys nor Forte II's over LaScalas unless space were a consideration - and then I may look for a different speaker altogether. If budget is the #1 consideration then I don't know that you could better a nice tube setup with either Heresys for Forte II's at the price you could put that together for.

The original poster did not state a budget. One other alternative that comes to mind, which has impressed me very much at two shows is Audio Kinesis. Both Duke's larger model (Dream Maker) (heard at RMAF '07) and his smaller ones which I liked even better at THE Show '09 just recently (I'm not sure if these were Jazz Modules or Alphas (anyone)?. Either would make an excellent step (up) from having the expectations set from owning LaScalas. Lightening fast with crystaline detail, yet not at all shouty or edgy. I'd definitely strongly recommend seeking out a listen, though that may be more challenging to do without attending a show or going to Idaho.