Replaced Mylar Belt with Kapton (Polyimide) Belt. Very Nice Results

I have  Teres 340 TT which I have been using Mylar Tape as the drive belt. I make my own using the recipe of Doug Deacon from several yrs ago. Since I was in need of another belt and didn't have all the necessary material, I began looking around. This brought me to the Gabilier Website. Since Thom Macree and Chris Brady had originally worked together on the Teres project, I looked around and found that Kapton is the preferred material for their belts. So, since the tape is pretty inexpensive, I had to try it. I finished 2 of them yesterday.

I set out to test the belt at about 3:30-4 o'clock and my wife & I were so enamored at the Improvement that We didn't quit til about 10 o'clock. One other mod I had made the previous night was to try my Rollerball footers under my amp. I listened to it the previous night but only one album. Yes, I believe the RB feet improved the sound but was unsure. So I had 2 potential tweaks that were at work. So I'm not sure if I can say the all the improvement came from the belt alone. But it was a big improvement from the earlier night. 

I will listen again soon to verify the results...or dismiss them. Then I will remove the Rollerball footers to  see if there is a difference. One other caveat is that the Mylar belt was not new but used a couple years. Still,  I am quite surprised that so much improvement can come from a belt change. But I have been shocked by other simpler tweaks, so maybe its legit. I'll keep you posted

Couple of issues with mylar
1. UV light degrades it over time
2. Flexing of mylar film reduces its stability.
Ultimately it stretches and becomes brittle over time.

Kapton is more stable over a longer period of time and wide range of conditions such as temperature and humidity.

There are different types of Kapton film available, with antistatic properties and conformability properties to suit the application.

I use 1/2 inch. But I believe width of your motor pully will limit what size you use. IE, Gabilier uses 3/8"


There are different types of Kapton film available, with antistatic properties and conformability properties to suit the application.

Thanks. Antistatic? Nice to hear. Where can I buy this? I could not find any sources other than Amazon. FWIW, Theirs is tape in which I had to use Goo Gone to remove the adhesive. That may have had a detrimental effect on the tape. But then too, this TT sounds extremely good now. I have never heard a belt make so much difference, if indeed it is the belt, and not the rollerballs. But I should have heard the difference the 1st night I used the rollerballs and I didn’t. This makes me believe that the large portion is due to the belt
An Update.

When I tried my TT again, it was obvious that I had a problem. I checked the belt and the adhesive had somehow returned. OK, back to the drawing board for NON adhesive Kapton. Apparently, Goo Gone, Soap & water and alcohol does not completely remove silicone adhesive. I will research a product that does. 

So I looked for the non adhesive tape/film and found it at Zoro. They have both the 1 mil & the .5 mil. Thom @ Gabilier says the thinner the better. So I will try the .5 mil. I will also research a product to remove silicone adhesive and try to save the belts I have now. 
I'll keep you updated