Replacement for Edifier s350db Titanium Tweeter?

The titanium tweeter of my right speaker has become dented and I am looking for potential solutions to either fix or replace it. I have tried the manufacturer and they do not sell replacement tweeters for my model. Likewise, I have tried finding a replacement elsewhere with little luck. 
Did you remove the tweeter and look at the back to get some information?  The name brand should be on the back of it. If it is a well known brand, Madisound may sell it or  have a replacement for it. 
If it was me I would contact Bill at Millersound and ask if he can fix it.  I have great faith in them.
TAPE or a dab of super sticky something on the end wooden cooking skewer (flat end) DAB the dent and pull it out, If it's cracked, yikes..
very thin coats a bit at a time of silicone or something to stop the rattle..

You can let a dab of silicone dry a bit and pull the dent that way, then razor blade the dab off, be careful.. Few ways..

Vacuum cleaner with a hole in the hose, so you can release the suction or increase it if you need to..