Replacement for Peachtree DacIT ?

I’ve been getting back into listening to music and resurrected my system a few months ago.  I’ve been using my old Peachtree DacIT and like the sound but it’s over 15 years old.  I feed it with a CAL Delta CD transport or an iPad. Santa brought a Bluesound Node so will be connecting that too.  What would you recommend as a newer DAC in the sub $1K price range that will be more revealing but as musical as the DacIT?

The rest of the system is an Adcom GFP-750 preamp, McCormack DNA-1 power amp, and Nola Boxer speakers.



I've been using a  Peachtree DAC it with a Cal Audio as a back up set for some time. Little bit coarse sonically speaking but I did enjoy. Just replaced it with a Peachtree Sona dac. I use this unit in DAC only mode ignoring its pre-amp. It is much more detailed and smoother than the DAC it. Much better chip. Best of all since this unit wasn't overly popular I was able to get one very cheap! If I had wanted a dac with a pre-amp I would probably have gotten a different model for more $. Not sure how much better the chip would sound though.


Wadia 321 over on USAudiomart. Very similar piece as the Mcintosh D100 with a Sabre implementation.  Good DAC for $900. 

Peach Tree made a an iDac before the Dac it.   It was around $1000 and was on The recommended list as A or A+.    I have one that was replaced by a  T+A Dac 200 costing 6 times more.    I would be willing to sell it.

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