Reputable source for Nagaoka MP110?

Anyone recommend a good outlet to a buy Nagaoka MP 110?
I've purchased items from No issues. Place the order, items show up a few days later. No fuss no muss. is also a dealer. No personal experience with them. 
Thank You
The only audio I've purchased has been from Audio Advisor, Music Direct and Crutchfield.
Eric at Gig Harbor Audio in Washington ( the state ) has the 110 and is absolutely a fantastic and reputable dealer.

I got my 110 and a bunch of other stuff from him

he is awesome


enjoy the music

Good luck with it, the original MP11 was my favourite cartridge.

A class act with a beautifully balanced sound.
have had excellent luck with LPgear dot com.

they are out in the Vegas area, so if you are in the western US really fast shipping, eastern US is a few days longer, but always prompt service.