Resonant Frequency Tracking Problems please help

Hi I have Sonographe SG-3 Turntable with a Ortofon Kontrapunct MC Cartridge and the Arm is stock.

I installed a Velodyne HGS-18 and ever since have had problems with the turntable as it will send out exceptional excursion with no (or next to) output.

I was told this was probably due to my resonant frequency being above 5-8 HZ?

It sounded great until I could go this low and am new to analog and am trying to figure out how to do this while not changing my sound to much or at all to accomadate the lower frequencies.

Thanks a million, Toby
If your preamp or receiver has a low filter it will eliminate most of that extra excursion.

Thanks for your response

I have a 15HZ and 35HZ Subsonic filter and it still isnt working even at 35, I have no problem whatsoever with digital, just with the table.

Thanks a million Toby
Try different records and see if they cause the exact woofer excursion. I'm just wondering if it's the records warpage itself.
Systembuilder, :-) , it is your turntable bearing. There is no reason on this earth to try to reproduce much below 25Hz with vinyl. Your sub is built to work down to 15Hz. Seems a little overkill to me, but it might work. I doubt I have ever had a arm/cart resonant frequency 5-8Hz. 8-12 is more likely. Those guys are not wrong, but they should have a clue about vinyl and subs. Movies and music are best treated separately, IMO.

I would suggest leaving the filter on at 35Hz and also set the crossover on the sub at ~40Hz. The sub rolls off at 12 dB while I'm guessing the filter is 24 dB. Combined, they may do the job. With these settings you need to move the sub around the room to find the best location. I would not go to corners as these will reinforce the low end.

FWIW, I have two subs that are the size of refrigerators and each has an 18" driver. However, the roll off very quickly below 30Hz and still move the walls when called for.

Good luck!