Retipping Service

Hey Guys,

The tip on my beloved Zyx Universe has broken off. I'm really missing my analog playback.

The stylus is still just fine. However, I would be tempted to have a diamond stylus, from a Sigma, dropped in. But, that's another dream of mine...

Where's a good place to get my Universe retipped? I've heard good things about Soundsmith. But, I tried contacting them a couple times, and haven't heard back. That was 1.5 months ago and not even sure they're still offering a retipping service.

What would you guys recommend?

Soundsmith still does retipping. But they are often quite backed up. 8-12 weeks turnaround time or so...
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Soundsmith does great work

You could also check with Andy
To start a Soundsmith new repair just click on the new repair tab. Its all online and works quite well. I have used them twice before. If you haven't done so you will need to register. Cheers

I 3rd the notion that Sound Smith does great work. But I was also interested in the service mentioned by Viridian above (see URL). The website is unrevealing as to what this guy does, however. Viridian, do you know what choices of cantilever and stylus shape are available? Anything about price?
Lew, you should call or e-mail Andy. He fixed a sagging suspension on my Shelter 901 and has retipped two Koetsu cartridges for a friend of mine. We both thought his work was great. Web page design - Not as great ;-)
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Thanks guys - I greatly appreciate your input!

Chong's retipping service seems like a viable option. Call me old fashioned; but I talking to someone before I pay money and ship an expensive cart.

I'll let you guys know how much this ends up costing and the quality of the work, in case you're interested...

While Axel Schurholz in Germany is a good friend of my I
can recommend him by refering to many satisfy customers
in the MM thread. I can add his 40+ years of experience.
( There is also an short English
info on the same site.
Dear Maddman79: +++++ " The tip on my beloved Zyx Universe has broken off. " +++++

why?: " my beloved ", I assume that you really like the Universe quality performance level, that you like what you hear throught it.

There are several rettiping sources as the ones posted here and all them works fine but if " that beloved " is what you like then IMHO you must go directly to ZYX for the rettiping subject.

Through all those fix sources the Universe quality performance level will change for sure and not necessary for the better but only different. When your Universe return from the retipping you will receive a different cartridge. If this is what you want then go a head.

Now, the ZYX main alternative is that your Universe stay as a Universe and not only that: normally the cartridge manufacturers when in the retipping they send you a totally new cartridge with all the up dates they made it in the design and that several times they don't advertazing, so you will have a top today up-dated Universe. In the otehr side there are some cartridge parts that are made it exclusively for the manufacturer and no one have access to those parts.

One thing is to retip a low price LOMC cartridge or a MM/MI one and other thing is to retip a 5K+ cartridge.

Your choice.

Regrads and enjoy the music,
Hey Guys,

I went ahead and had Andy Chong ( retip my Zyx Universe. I've been listening to my restored cartridge all weekend. He really did a top-flight job.

Communications with Andy were excellent. He was highly-responsive and conscientious. His service was also super fast. I mailed it out on 5/21, and I had my retipped cart back in my hands on 6/7. Start to finish, the entire process was about two weeks, including shipping.

I'd happily recommend Andy's retipping service :)