Retired audiophile?

Maybe it comes with age. Fatigue with upgrades. Wisdom and satisfaction with the material world - acceptance of the audio system and a return to enjoyment of music without audio analysis - acceptance of deteriorating hearing and the resultant judgement that "what's the use" in the pursuit better fidelity - more restricted finances of retirement.. a feeling of "done for now" or forever. (Unless something brakes down) After improving and "investing" in my rig for over 30 years, I've come to the realization that I have little interest in the latest/greatest. "Tweaking" has little or no monetarily corresponding reward.
I'll still peruse the web, but the magazine subscriptions have elapsed and I don't miss the self-congratulatory reviews and commentary.
I suspect I'm not alone on this although the Audiogon community by it's very nature, is active in the hobby. Other retired audiophiles out there?
I'm retired and I have been spending more time with my systems than ever. I finally have the time to tweak and play music. I tried downsizing once and it just didn't work out, I still want to improve my system(s). Working made being an audiophile possible but retiring gave me the time to enjoy it.
Papermill, maybe you can clarify but I perceived the "retirement" part pertaining to your purchasing of new gear (aka getting off the merry go round) and not retiring from work, which may be the case for you also.

In any case, I along with quite a few others could have retired from buying new gear years ago if we were in your boat, based on the looks of your gear. Nice setup!

Anyhow, retirement in the audio arena actually sounds pretty good. Once you are happy with the sound then all that's left to do is sit back and enjoy the music which is something that often gets lost in search of the newest and best gear.

Happy Listening, and retirement!!
I'm there too. I really have little to no interest in adding, changing, tweaking anything. At least not to the point where I actively chase it anymore.

If there is something to try, I will try it, as long as I don't have to spend substantial $ on it, because I'm not chasing that ghost anymore. But if someone brings something over I will give it a go. But minor differences don't really interest me anymore.
I would like to test the high efficiency speaker/tube amp waters still someday prior to retirement maybe just to see if that polar opposite approach to what I do today might win me over. Then when I retire hopefully in a few years, assuming I move into smaller quarters, I will feel educated enough to decide where to go from there.
Double entendre.
As I composed this forum subject, I realized that I was speaking on parallel levels of audio and "life". Unintentional at first, but clearly my dual path might also be shared by other members. Professional retirement, honestly, is a few years away, but audio retirement seems to have arrived. My audio buddies tell me I'm going through a phase which ultimately will have me rejoin the "madness". We shall see. But yes, the rig I have assembled continues to serve my music enjoyment with really no yearning to correct or enhance the sound - for two years! Acceptance is quite rewarding.
Your audio journey continues !
I also went the inefficient, high power route for many years. The ultimate attraction for me of efficient horn hybrid, 300b has been the utter ease, organic and musical presentation of music. I'm not very good at discussing audiophile terminologies so I won't attempt. Suffice to say, the hobby has been all those things that we all have experienced. Frustration, Consternation. Excitement. Anticipation. Joy. And now satisfaction.
Happy listening !