Revel Gem2 vs Kef Reference 1

I'm looking for a high end pair of bookshelf speakers for a 2 channel setup, to be paired with some subs. I'm thinking of going 3-way for better integration between midrange and tweeter, and hopefully better imaging. A lot of higher end 2-ways I see these days have something like a 1" tweeter with a 7" woofer which is just obviously going to be a directivity nightmare in order to sneak in more bass. I know the Gem2 is a bit older and long in the tooth, and seems to be a bit low bass restricted. Has anyone heard both the Gem2s and the Reference 1s and have any comment. I've heard them in seperate rigs in the past but was never able to directly compare them. My impression of the Gem2s were they were a bit thin sounding, but I think EQ can fix that once integrated with the subs, whereas the Reference 1s were quite laid back.
I definitely preferred the Ref R1's when I heard them. To me, Revel sounds too "hi fi" and was missing the joie de vivre.
When you say hi-fi, do you mean it's too bright? Because you prefer more laid back speakers? Or was it something else.