Revel Studio versus Parsifal Encore

I currently own the old Revel Studio's which I am very content with. There is a pair of Parsifal Encores listed and I am always looking for material improvement in SQ at a reasonable financial outlay. I would consider making an offer on the Parsifals (which are very low priced), give them a try and sell at a small loss if I prefer my Revels. If I prefer the Parsifals the Revels would go. However, besides the money, the logistics involved are substantial so before considering this move I would like to solicit input on the reletive merits of the two speakers, preferable from folks that have heard both. I listen mostly to small acoustic ensembe music - not large orchestral, or electronic rock. My 2 channel system is also integrated into a 5.1 system with Revel B-15 sub, Kef 205c Center and paradigm in wall surrounds. The Revel and Kefs are quite synergistic. I drive the Revels with 200wpc pure class A monoblocks (Jungson JA-200), which should work just fine with the Parsifals as well.

I have auditioned both speakers but on different rooms and electronics. I also listen to small ensembles. I preferred the Parsifal more than the Studios. The Parsifals to my ears, sounded more lush and effortless across the audio bands. Comes closest to E-stat qualities with fast and agile drivers. Lots of details but never sounding harsh nor clinical. Might be more difficult to set up, due to it's rear firing woofer in a small room. I am contemplating to get one too.
The Parsifals currently listed are a steal. If I had the funds I'd be all over them as they have always been a speaker I've wanted to own.
My friend used to have the Sarastro speakers. It was quite a challenge for him to set them up properly due to its rear firing woofers. Once set up right, they sound very nicely. The setup criticality should be similar to the Parsifals. Small room could be even more challenging. So, take note. They are good speakers.