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I first heard and wrote a review about the Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silver Edition (MSE) Interconnects and Speaker Cables in May of 2003. This was followed up by a review of the MSE Gen. II Interconnects in August 2003, the MSE Gen. II Speaker Cables in October 2003, and the MSE Gen. II Digital Link. Since that time, Robert C. Schult, proprietor/designer, has developed what he considers his most revealing interconnect and speaker cable named Poiema. While I’m still waiting to audition the Poiema interconnects; I have in my possession a pair of the Poiema speaker cables.

I thought the MSE Gen. II sounded fantastic and I tried to imagine how Robert could improve the sound of the MSE Gen. II speaker cables. Technically speaking, I have no idea what Robert did. However, I can definitely hear what I would call a 10% to 15% improvement in my tube and SS systems when using the Poiema speaker cables.

Here is how I described the MSE Gen. II speaker cables in my review of October 2003:

“As soon as I installed the Gen. II speaker cables and heard the first minute of the opening track of Hugh Masekela’s “Abangoma,” I knew I was in for a treat! Although the Midnight Silver Edition Gen. II speaker cables improved over the next week of break-in, they sounded more articulate than the original speaker cable--with better detail, greater microdynamics and a powerful and tightly dynamic bass--as soon as they were installed”.

“After carefully listening to my dozen or so audition CDs and a few LPs, I was amazed at the improvement within my system. I noted more bass definition (which was crisper with more focus), additional 3-D imaging left to right as well as front to back, and additional extension and detail as if I were at a live performance”.

The 10% to 15% improvement I heard while using the Poiema speaker cables was in the following areas:

1) Quieter background, which allows one to hear deeper into the recording. This allows greater details to become more obvious. I noticed richer-sounding and more articulate treble, mids, and astounding bass that I never heard that clearly before.
2) The music sounds even more lifelike, as if I was sitting in the same room with a live presentation. Just as the MSE Gen. II interconnects and speaker cables are extremely smooth, fast, neutral, transparent, and allow one to hear deep within the music and convey the force, speed and robustness of a live performance, the Poiema speaker cables do so to a greater extent.

The Poiema speaker cables are very well engineered and constructed. They are attractive to look at and are very flexible, and lightweight. In addition, they have very easy-to-read, yet non-intrusive, directional arrows and are clearly marked “Poiema.”

In conclusion, I realize that audiophile componenty is system dependent, and what sounds good in one system doesn't always work well in another. In this case, the Poiema speaker cable sounds excellent in my tube and solid-state systems, and I highly recommend you give it a try if you're in the market for a new speaker cable. I don't think one could lose with a 30-day money-back return policy.

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I have to agree with you assesment of the Poiemas. I am currently burning in my Poeima i/cs and sp. cables and though have only 10 hours or so on them I too have noticed my system sounds more lively,better pace and depth. The biggest suprise though so far is the the extra detail "without" edginess or thinness of body to the music...Quite an achievment!
They could definately use some help with their website, but thanks for the review. I'll look forward to their getting the speaker cable portion up and running and to getting some info on the Poiema design. Thanks again.
Listening To The Poeima XLR interconnects and speaker cables is like listening to music on another planet.
Darrylhifi: "Listening To The Poeima XLR interconnects and speaker cables is like listening to music on another planet."

Can you hear anything when there is no air to carry the sound? Do you have to worry about meteorite showers? Is that like listening to music in an audiophile approved acoustically treated Oxygen free listening room? : ) Sean
Hi Lak and A'goners.

I'm running out of different ways to say "Thank You" and still have some relevance at the same time! As usual, very nice job communicating your impressions and again, while I know you enjoy doing all this, thanks for your time and efforts.

Oz, I've purposely let our website become out dated and incomplete so folks are left only to guess about what we're doing. It's a new strategy I've implemented. So far it ain't working real good. Well, your correct, it needs attention. I'll attend to it as soon as I get a block of time but right now, we've got a ton of projects that are getting most of my attention. It's almost funny...our Poiema! offering isn't on the site yet but by far, it's our most requested and best selling cable! Go figure!

It's true...Darrylhifi has very good hearing. He hears music from other planets where some of our products are also being used. The vacume environment works quite well compared to teflon or air! Also, according to Darryl's world, tube electronics are prefered there and the tubes sound better without glass and images just seem to float!

Well, I see my humor still sucks!

Thanks again Lak. Your efforts are appreciated by many which says a lot about you!

BTW, if any of you would like to discuss the Poiema! cables or any of our products, please call us. Our phone number, email address and hours are on our website (at least that's posted) and I always enjoy talking with fellow enthusuiasts.

Kind and Best Regards,
One little change and the whole system got bigger! What can I say...that after putting just a 1/2 meter of Poiema from my Wadia to my BAT 5i made such an incredible difference. I was using a fairly expensive "Reference " cable and was cruising along minding my own business, until I saw all this talk of "Ridge Street" and "Poiema"..Well. I happen to see an AD for a 0.5M pair here on the GoN. How could just a half meter pair of green cable transform my whole CD listening experience?? Suddenly there was a purity of tone, and inner note silences that I'd never experienced. Soundstage presentation became wider and deeper with more immediacy in the mids that made me feel like I was truly there. My VonSchweikert VR2's were alive man!

Well..being the Analog guy that I am at heart, I know I have to get my TT and Phono stage in on the act and Im sure my present speaker cables will find another home before too long. Poiema! Poiema! Poiema!...I love this cable!
I just wanted to echo Lak's review in saying how much I enjoy the musical presentation allowed by these Poiema cables. Overall, the cables are more detailed, smooth, and have a more pleasingly natural tonal balance than any of the others I've tried (various DH Labs and Audioquest up to the Anaconda price point). They sound great in my solid state system. YMMV, but I highly recommend you audition the Poiema line if you're in the market for new cables.