Review: VeraStarr Silver Reference Power cord

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I have tried many power cords, and had found none that opened up the soundstage or were as detailed as the Acoustic Zen Gargantua. It is still the finest power cord I have had in my system. Unfortunately, it is very stiff. Because of the configuration of my rack and the use of Aurios, I found it difficult to work with. When I used the AZ Gargantua with a light weight product (in pounds) like the Herron, which I have balanced on Aurios, the cord simply moved the Herron around. That, and the tight corners in my rack, led me (with many regrets) to look for an alternative. That's when I came across the VeraStarr Silver Reference Power Cord. The cord is very flexible, and easy to configure and use. I was also intrigued by the separate shielding of the positive, negative and ground wires, and the use of silver.

After I tried them, I noticed an immediate improvement over the DiMarzio M Path and PS Audio Xstream Plus, which I had been using in my system. (The PS Audio is also a very fine cord for the money, but the male plug is about 2-1/2 inches long, and it stuck out too far from my Exact Power EP15A.) With the VeraStarr, however, the soundstage improved, and I heard details that could not be heard before.

In my system, the VeraStarr has been a great addition. While I preferred the AZ Gargantua (which, by the way, costs 50% more), the VeraStarr is a great compromise where a flexible cord is preferred. I certainly prefer the VeraStarr over the other cords (other than the AZ Gargatua) that I've listed under Similar Products.

As an added bonus, the owner, Mike, is terrific to work with.

I was somewhat reluctant to take a chance on a new company like VeraStarr, but I am glad that I did. This is the type of young audio company that brings innovation to the industry, and I am glad to support them.

Associated gear
Wadia 861 (with GNSC Statement Mod)
Thor TPA30 Mono Amps
Herron Line Stage
Kharma 2.2 (Enigma)
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference MK2 IC
Acoustic Zen Hologram II Speaker Cable
Exact Power EP15A

Similar products
PS Audio XStream Plus
Analysis Power Oval
Audio Magic XStream
Acoustic Zen Gargantua
Shunyata Black Mamba
DiMarzio M Path
Harmonic AC-11
To: Nathanu

I too was intrigued by the design and construction of the Verastarr Reference Power Cord (and as I later learned their unique sound). Their novel use of separate shielding of the positive, negative, and ground wires, 99.99% Silver plated High Conductivity 99.999% Copper conductors and Furutech connectors made me curious. So I gave them a try.

First of all I am not employed by Verastarr. I am just an avid Audiophile looking for good sounding and reasonably priced equipment.

My bias is toward vocals, jazz, and classical music. I tend to favor midrange presence, palatability, and vividness of the performance. I also listen for dynamics and micro-dynamics. These last two seem to affect the musicality of the performance. This is not to say that the frequency extremes are unimportant. They just do not have as high a priority in my book.

I found the Verastarr Reference Power Cord very open. The soundstage is wide and the depth of the musical performance just a step back from the location of the speakers. Again the vocal presence was very good. Dynamics/micro-dynamics made the performance very musical. It was neither sibilant. grainy, or harsh. It blended well within my setup.

The topend was good. But it wasn’t as extended, airy, or hard sounding as some of the other cords. The bass contained depth, slam, and control but it was not the most prolific that I have listened to. (That award goes to the PS Xtreme. But then this cord did not end up being very musical, in my setup.)

These comments are all subjective based on my equipment. Your preferences and equipment along with the synergy, blend, setup, and configuration will ultimately impact the overall sound and enjoyment of the music.

In all, I highly recommend this cable for those looking for a large sound stage and vivid midrange presence. It contains good engineering which I found to provide good dynamics and musicality. I am very surprised and satisfied with the performance of this cable.

Other Power Cables that I have used and listened to in the past:
MIT II, Kimber, PS Lab cables, PS Xtreme Statement, Gain PC, Transparent Reference, and Virtual Dynamics Nite.
Thanks for the post. I would love to hear from others who have tried out these cords, especially on the detail issue. I found them more detailed than the PS Audio X Stream.
I recently purchased 5 Verastarr Silver Reference High Current Power cords. I decided to install them on all my components. The improvement was jaw dropping. Everything improved, most notably, soundstage breadth and depth. These improvements are straight out of the box, no burn in.
I refuse to pay $2,000.00 for a power cord even if I could afford it (I can't). When I saw reasonably priced cords using quality components in construction and a money back trial offer, I was in. I first tried the Silver Reference interconnects. I was wowed by improvements in all sonic parameters. Here again the most prominent improvement was the soundstage. The music was fleshed out much more palpably. I have just ordered the speaker cables and will not be surprised when they outperform my considerably more expensive XLO's. I have ordered triple runs of amplifier to crossover and crossover to speaker cables. I have Avalon speakers and they sound best triwired. Thanks for the excellent service and extremely high price versus quality value of Verastarr products Mike.
I agree with everyone else. Mike's power cords certainly have earned there keep in my system, I've got about a dozen or so. The PC's let my components breathe like into the music. I've got both versions, the HC on my amps and the Silver Ref on all other components. The PC's seem to let the components perform as they're supposed to. They help unlock detail, soundstage, and bass from my system. Without Mike's PC's, the magic disappears.
I must agree with all the above as when I plugged in my Verastarr power cord I did not know what to expect.
I was and am extremly happy with the sound of this cord straight out of the box. I can hear the characteristics of a new cord needing burn in but I can tell the cord is an excellent value. In fact value aside the cord is excellent. It has added detail in my system that I did not know was possible without being bright or grainy. The midrange is sweet although the cord does need burn in and the bass is tight. The bass is tighter but their does seem to be a bit of a loss of lower bottom end but the cord needs burn in. I ordered another 10 minutes after I heard the cord. I think it is an awesome cord. The power cord leaves me wondering how good Verastarrs other cables must sound. They must be quite good.The build quality of this cord is as good if not better than any other cord
i've tried and I've tried all kinds of cords ranging from $100 to $2000.The new ends that Verastarr uses on their power cords look really cool and I believe they are a big factor in the performance of the cable. I would reccommend to anyone to give this cord a try.
With 300 or so ours burn in the cords sound terrific. The bass I was missing at first is there in spades. The highs are open,airy yet not fatiging. The mids are smooth and natural The music sounds real. Finally a piano will truely sound like a piano. I can hear the different harmonics in notes and phrases that I did not know was their. There is an inner detail which tends to :WOW" me from time to time"I never heard that before" The music just flows naturally. This is from just Verrastarrs power cords. It leaves me wondering what their signal cables would do to my system. I intend on trying them when fiunds permit.