Revox Reel Tape Recorder

I got an old Revox reel tape recorder from 70's, which has not been used for a very long time. Recently, I turned it on and the smoke came out from the motor. Is there any place I can get some help? Revox website seems to have nothing else beside plasma TV.
At one time (2-3 years ago?) there was a seller on ebay who did a lot of work refurbishing old Revox open reel units. I don't know if he is still active, but that might be a place to start looking.
I highly recommend Jack at JM Technical Arts in Nashville. He has been an authorized repair center for years, and he knows what he's doing. I don't have his number with me, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.
Thank you very much. I talked with Jack. He suggested it might not be motor issue but he can check for me.