Rhodium plated audio grade wall socket

Is this snake oil?


I am renovating my house so have the opportunity to overhaul everything including the electrics. I am having a dedicated line from the breaker box/RCD to my hifi equipment. Will adding these types of wall sockets also help reduce interference from other household appliances, routers etc? What does Rhodium actually do in this case? It’s less conductive than copper, silver and gold.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.


Personally I’d stay away from those ugly, stupid UK wall sockets and plugs.

Use USA plugs and sockets, it’s ok to do as long as your wall sockets are protected properly and I guess the UK being what it is you would need the installation properly certified for insurance but you will save a fortune in cables.

15 amp USA = 7 amp UK or 20 amp USA = 10 amp UK. (240V)

These are continuous current ratings. I run a 3KW power conditioner fused at 12.5 amps off a 20 amp USA cable. UK max is 13 amps so no real difference.

Don’t go down the EU Schuko road.

Wall sockets to choose include Oyaide, Furutech, SR Purple, QSA etc.

It is very pretty and makes the contacts too hard and smooth to grip as tightly as plain copper or brass.

I wouldn't use it anywhere.

Rhodium is not a great conductor but sounds exotic and marketing types love to brag about it.

I am renovating my house so have the opportunity to overhaul everything including the electrics.

1) Add  a dedicated AC line for your system.

2) Install a "Sorcer Apprentice" from Add Powr near breaker box.

3) Install upgraded wall outlets from Pangea.

4) ACOUSTIC TREATMENTS- Vendors offer free consults, check auralex.com. sontiususa.com, or primacoustic.com

@kota1 So those Pangea outlets use "gold-plated beryllium copper contacts". Will this make much of a difference? Is this better than Rhodium?

1) I am doing this

2) What does the sorcer do? It's expensive. Could I add this further down the line? I'm presuming I can just put it near the breaker box at a later date.

3) Why the Pangea? I'm in UK so will need UK sockets. But I'm sure I can find a similar quality brand. I thought MCRU was this.

4) I will definitely treat the room. I have bought an Umik-1 mic so will use that with REW to measure the room first. But I hadn't thought of free consultations from the vendors. I'll definitely get in touch. Thank you!

1) Good

2) The ADD-POWR products upgrade the signal harmonics. I recommended that product because it can be added at the breaker box. They have less expensive products that can be used within the room, NP. You need to check out their website for details.

3) I only recommended Pangea because I have tried it. Get a brand appropriate for UK, I don't know rhodium but have had good results with outlet upgrades in general.

4) The vendors have dome thousands of rooms and will give you an anaalysis, even if you don't place an order:


@cainullah - Take a look at this link on electrical conductivity of metals

Electrical Conductivity

You will see what metals conduct the best. Rhodium is way down the list and is used only because it is hard wearing and it looks nice and shiney

However - it’s very hard to get the metals with the best conductivity into an outlet - not to mention very expensive.

I have found that Hospital grade outlets have a tendancy to "clamp" more effectively than a standard outlet and for a more reasonable cost than the unit you have posted

Unfortunately you have posted a picture of a UK outlet, which I am not too familiar with.

But you could try something like this unit...

RED COLOR 13 AMP UK BRITISH OUTLET, SOCKET, 13 AMPERE, 13A, BS 1363 A, UK, MK, ASTA, BSI, BRITISH, BS 1363, CE IEC TYPE G (internationalconfig.com)

In combination with one of these silver plated plugs...

UK Mains Plugs | HIFICollective

I think they might be more effective.

Regards - Steve

Is this snake oil?

No. Like any tool, it has a certain function. The better the craftsman, the more precise the tool. At this stage of the game, you do not need it in your tool box. Probably best to avoid it now.

Will adding these types of wall sockets (rhodium) also help reduce interference from other household appliances, routers etc?

Absolutely not.

What does Rhodium actually do in this case?

In an optimized audio system with clean power, rhodium will emphasize the attack & transients in playback - providing an ’apparent’ pacing to the music. In an average system with dirty power, rhodium will cause the high frequencies in music to sound harsh, annoying and quicken listening fatigue.

It’s less conductive than copper, silver and gold.


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Read about clean power and power conditioners.

Thanks @steakster .

They also do the same socket in Brass De-oxited, Silver or Gold plated. 

Any thoughts? Or should I just get a normal plug socket.


I am having a dedicated line from the breaker box/RCD to my hifi equipment.

Why only one? Minimum:2 One for analog, one for digital. While the work is being done, 3 or 4 would be better. Read about dedicated lines.

Or should I just get a normal plug socket.

Copper is the best to start.

Research: Oyaide - Furutech - Cardas - Others

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Probably best to get a better overview of clean power before selecting the specific parts.  Good luck!

In a well balanced system rhodium is perfect and very refined. Tend to agree with @steakster ​​​​. 

For me base material is very crucial.

I like using hospital grade with copper contacts. It's takes some drilling down spec sheets but they can be had on the cheap from reputable manufacturers. Really the best deal in my opinion. Something engineered in mass to make sure life saving equipment will make good contact has to be good enough for audio...

Look at the Maestro Outlets. I had been using Porter Ports since forever. But the Maestro's are head and shoulders above. Read the reviews. The upgrade will suprise you.

Highly recommend the Furutech GTX-D sockets. I use the gold plated version GTX-DG (G for gold) around $176 but they also make the GTX-DR (R for Rhodium) for about $220.

I tested both but preferred the gold. It fit my system better and gave a more laid back sound, but the Rhodium is more detailed if that fits your likes.

Get Furutech GTX-D Rhodium NCF outlet. Pure copper base material. Big improvement in noise floor, resolution, tone and soundstage.

+1 @carlsbad, rhodium is not the greatest conductor but is used also because it wont tarnish or corrode, so personally I wouldn’t pay the premium for it. The best wall sockets I’ve used are the audioquest nrg  that have silver spade grounds.

The entire electric panel shares noise with every single outlet in your home.  Dedicated outlets are helpful but noise is still a problem regardless. Maybe a sub panel is a better choice for your audio system.

A great power conditioner goes a lot further and maybe generating your own electricity.

Get higher gauge electric wire from the panel to ensure you can meet all your delicate frequency needs and then I think you're OK.  Wait a while and let things calm down and then invest in new outlets if you want.  these are easy to change later on

It's not rocket science.

In the end I went for the Gold plated socket.  https://www.mcru.co.uk/product/silver-plated-audio-grade-wall-socket-2/?v=79cba1185463

I will be running 2 dedicated lines with 2 spurs, one for analogue, one for digital using lorad Supra Cable  http://www.supracables.co.uk/mainscables/lorad.html 

Whilst the house is ripped open during the renovation, I thought I might as well do this now. It then gives me the opportunity to upgrade over time with things like power conditioning, the electronics and speakers themselves etc...

Once the house is done, next stage is room treatment and I'll go from there.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Rhodium is very hard. Scratches are a real problem with any connector. Just grab a magnifying glass and see yourself!

Make sure that all the wires in the house leading to the audiophile sockets are also suitably audiophile grade....