Right Channel dropped out Bryston BP-26P (upgraded from BP-25P)

Long-time member/reader, first time poster  Moved my speakers to new location (used Cardas recommended measurements per post I read today on AudioGon site.  Long story short, turned on system, no right channel.  However, balance ctrl in center, I have left channel output in both speakers. Balance Ctrl fully to right channel...nothing.  Same whether it's switched to Mono or Stereo.  Found negative spade connector off on right speaker (did not seem to be touching positive terminal.  Reconnected still have the problem  Using Bryston 4Bcubed amp.  Both channel lights are green so I don't think it's the amp.Suspect preamp is taking a trip back to Bryston. However, also saw a post that said to clean input selector contacts, which I can do? Any suggestions welcome.  BTW  It's out of warranty
However, balance ctrl in center, I have left channel output in both speakers.

Have you check if the MODE selector on the back panel of Bryston 4B cubed is set to INDIVIDUAL?
However, balance ctrl in center, I have left channel output in both speakers.
Are you sure about this? Doesn’t make much sense to me. I’d check that you didn’t just hook something up wrong when you moved your system. Or, turn everything off and unplug, disconnect everything and reconnect, turn back on (preamp first as ALWAYS), and see if that fixes it. Bryston stuff doesn’t break easy so I’m leaning toward user error here. Anyway, I feel your pain and best of luck in sorting it out.

Possibly your negative speaker connector contacted the positive terminal and your amp is damaged. The indicator lights can still show green.
SOIX Doesn’t/didn’t make any sense to me either. Tried unplugging everything and starting up again.  NoGo.  Nonetheless, set up GFA-1 to preamp and a pair of RadioShack Optimus dipoles I had hanging around (just in case there was a bigger problem I did not want to blow any drivers) AND I have regained right channel??!!?? And phantom middle audio.  

BSLON. You may be right about negative speaker shorting to positive.  But the puzzle still remains about the Balance Center and fully CW.  

Thought it was PA. 20 yr old BP-25P converted to BP-26P several yrs ago.  And yes Bryston products are built to take a beating

Greatly appreciate your help


Check your connections and swap the cable at the power amp.
XLR first speaker cable next..

No idea if they have breakers or fuses. Seldom does the cheapest amp on the planet blow up from a cable tough.

 All that to say check ALL the fuses in the power amp!!!! Do they have fuses? They must.. Inside the power amp?

Bryston, I'm not familiar other than they have a great warrantee are as tough as nails, a great reputation and Canadian.

So, are you saying the BP26 worked with the other amp and speakers?  Not clear to me.  
SOIX. Yes PA works fine with Adcom GFA-1
OLDHVYMEC.  First. I’m listening to system with Adcom in system. All sounds fine. Right channel working fine. Bryston uses a magnetic master circuit breaker switch on rear of amp. It didn’t trip but I did reset it. No difference. I even connected my PA to Bryston amp via single ended inputs to see if there was a problem with the balanced outputs. No Go. I did send a text to Bryston tech waiting for a response 

The balance control issue is driving me nuts!  It doesn’t make any sense. But I’m listening to music now. So I’ll wait for Bryston’s response. I’m sure it’ll go back. 17 years left on warranty!

Appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions 


Look into the RCA and XLR connector jacks with a bright flashlight to make sure nothing is stuck in there. To me this sounds like the right channel is shorted to ground. If nothing is in there, then the unit has to go back to the mothership.
The balance control issue is driving me nuts! It doesn’t make any sense.

However, balance ctrl in center, I have left channel output in both speakers. Balance Ctrl fully to right channel...nothing.
If the Bryston 4B cubed is set to bridged mode, the 4B cubed will disconnect Channel 2 input and only take the Channel 1 input signal and send the signal to both amplifier channel. Channel 1 will amplify the signal in phase and Channel 2 will amplify the same signal but out-of-phase.
If OP connect the preamp left channel output to 4B cubed Channel 1 input and connect the preamp right channel output to 4B cubed Channel 2 input, then OP will hear both speaker playing left channel signal from the preamp, if OP listen carefully, he will notice the bass is reduced due to one of the speaker is playing out-of-phase ( opposite in polarity). That explains why when balance ctrl in center, OP had left channel output in both speakers. Balance Ctrl fully to right channel ... nothing. And that’s the reason I ask OP what is the mode setting.
However, OP had confirm the mode switch on 4B cubed was set to individual and not bridged, therefore I suspect the mode function on the 4B cubed is not working correctly.


Imhififan. That makes sense to me. I boxed unit yesterday to send back to Bryston.  I’m awaiting their response. Thanks much
IMHIFIFAN. Meaculpa. After reading your last post, I unboxed the amp and………yup switch was in MONO!  And I’m sure I checked that.  Reinstalled the amp in my system, quadruple checked ALL the connections and switches, powered up the system and It worked perfectly.  Thanks for your comment and advise and link.
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