RMAF - Innuos Demo

Anyone hear the Innuos demo at RMAF?  They were supposed to be doing an A/B demo with their new Re-Clocker.  Would be interesting in hearing what you think.
I was there, the USB re-clocker brought subtle but noticeable improvements to Zenith player. Those can’t afford the Statement, adding a re-clocker would be a way to go as long as your system is revealing enough to appreciate the addition of Phoenix. 

With Phoenix in the mix, I heard more air, better separation and drop in the noise. You gain overall clarity along with slightly crispier top end. Proceed with caution, you may find yourself not living without it once you hear it in your system. 
@aj72 I visited this room and listened to the Innuos re-clocker setup. I agree with @lalitk  assessment above although I didn't hear the A/B demonstration. I own an Innuos server.
As long as we are discussing RMAF, how many demo rooms and what was turnout crowd wise?
This is the first time in 15 years that I've missed.
My brother-in-law and I attended this demo.  We both concurred that the improvement was not subtle...it was huge!  To me, the improvement when adding the re-clocker was more dramatic on streaming files than on ripped files.  For both of us, the subtle difference occurred when moving from the Zenith/Phoenix combo to the Statement.  The Statement was better, but not not $6k better!
I was at RMAF and heard the demo where Innuos played the Zenith MKIII, then played the same song with the Zenith MKIII and the Phoenix reclocker and then the same song with the Statement.  I was in the room for 3 or 4 of these demos (each demo the same thing with a different song, i.e., Zenith, Zenith + reclocker and then Statement).  I was shocked at how much of a difference the Phoenix reclocker made.  I thought it might be more marketing hoopla when i first heard about it, but it made a huge difference with the width and depth of the sound stage as well as the instrument separation.  The Zenith and the Phoenix combined were almost identical to the Statement and the difference was very subtle at that point: the Zenith plus the Phoenix seemed to me a great deal in comparison to the Statement. 
After RMAF I was able to borrow a Zenith without a Phoenix and listen to it in my system and it was certainly better than my junky laptop.  I was also able to borrow at a different time the Aurender N10 and W20SE.  the W20SE was simply amazing, although at $22,500 it is very expensive.  With that said, often times I find that expensive doesn't mean better, however the W20SE was definitely the best digital server/player i have ever heard.  the N10 was also great, but closer to the Zenith combined with the Phoenix. 
I did the A/B with the Zenith MK3 +/- reclocker there with a friend.  We both agreed that it added a subtle but noticeable difference.  The difference was too subtle to justify the price point.