Robbie Robertson: "Killers Of The Flower Moon" Soundtrack

Just released and it is quite stunning.

Robbie's last work, right before he passed away.

Highly recommended!


Going to see this movie over the weekend and it is a plus to have Robbie Robertson involved in the soundtrack. Looking forward to hearing it. Thanks for the heads up. enjoy the music

Can’t wait to see this film.  
I’m so grateful that we are still able to go to a theater and see Scorsese/De Niro/Leo on the big screen with a big budget.  
Marty’s old friend Robby providing the score one last time adds another layer.  
His down-and-dirty, acoustic music is likely an ideal compliment to the film.  
Again, can’t wait to see/hear it!  

Very tragic  again the Native Americans  dehumanized for trying to be like 

colonialized America  .

Fav movie is the Color of Money, Scorsese, Robbie, and Paul Newman. My all-time 3 favorites.

I have not seen a movie in about 5 years but want to see this new one. 

....trailer was intriguing; RR score clinches the need to view.....Thanks....👍

Jason Isbell also supposed to have a small acting part. Going to see it this week

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I saw the film last night.  Scorsese's masterpiece. I was unaware that Robbie Robertson was involved with the music soundtrack.  There was an "In Memoriam"  in the credits at the end of the film.

i saw the movie this weekend and while i love classic scorcese, this one  was a big disappointment--unrelentingly grim, dull and loooong. soundtrack was fine but not memorable.  i didn't like "oppenheimer" either, so maybe it's me.

........yes loomisjohnson it is you as I saw '' Oppenheimer '' as well as " Killers of the Flower Moon  ''......both were great movies in my opinion . They are films which are supposed to entertain you but those two films at least had some educational content to them. The latter being more closer to home and one that I feel in today's '' alleged movements '' should be more brought more into main street focus on the true history of our country rather than the '' ones '' in 2020.       

I saw the movie and cannot recommend more highly. It will certainly win awards. I just received the book of the same title on which the movie is based. Yes, the true history of the USA should be taught.The good, the bad and the ugly, of which there is a lot. Sadly and wrongly it will never happen. Americans don't know the half of i

From the beginning, Scorsese found a way to bring extremely high levels of craftsmanship combined with originality, uncompromising moral/artistic integrity, and deep curiosity about human nature/society to the masses with his films, has never changed, and is still creating masterpieces in his 70s (Killers of the Flower Moon he made when he was in his 80s - he turned 81 today…Happy Birthday, Marty! - The Wolf of Wall StreetThe 50 Year ArgumentSilenceRolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin ScorseseThe Irishman, and Personality Crisis: One Night Only he all made in his 70s).  
He’s still going, as sharp as ever.  
I think these last 3 films, SilenceThe Irishman and Killers of the Flower Moon will only grow in stature over the years.  
These recent films have a real sophistication, depth and maturity to them, the kind of artistic plane an artist gets to after spending over half a century obsessively honing their craft.

I can make a somewhat analogous contemporary comparison to Dylan, who has not matched Scorsese’s maintenance of artistic quality and prolificness in these golden years, but nevertheless made “Murder Most Foul” (something I consider to be among the best things he’s ever done) at 78.

We’re lucky to have had people like this making their art in our lifetime the past half century.