Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2008

Maybe it is a little early for this one, but who is attending the 2008 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and what did you think about last years' show?
It's one of the best "pure audio" shows around, in a great city at a very pleasant time of the year. It's expanded to two hotels now and seems to really be moving ahead of the competition.

Look at the vendor list and decide if the people you want to see will be there, either representing themselves or with one of their retailers. There's not as much point to go if you can't see the things you're considering for your own system.

Remember, Expedia and Travelocity will NOT shows the fares of the two discount airlines with lots of flights into Denver, Frontier and Southwest. You need to look direct at their sites to get the best fares.

Last year was my first time attending the RMAF. The show was gret! Since Stereophile show has moved to Canada this is the only show in the U.S. this year.

I go to Denver for work every month and stays in the Marriott. So I am planning my September trip during that week, so I can attend the show and save some money on airfare.

The airport is way out there in the middle of nowhere. The cheapest ground transportation is SuperShuttle. Cost around $40 one-way. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. I didn't have a car for the weekend last year, but it was OK, since it didn't rain)

Its on only a short hop for me. I will be there for the 3rd year in a row. The show is great and the people are on the whole very friendly and of course all wanna talk hi-fi!
I wish the Friday could be all day, rather than 11-6 (or is it 12?) gets rather crowded late on. Its fantastic to have so much gear all in the same place at the same time for perusal and of course to listen to!
Roll on October.
You betcha.

It will be my first RMAF show.

Great to see and listen to hard to find components.

I think that it is a great show. Last year was my first time; had never been to any kind of stereo show before. What's fun is seeing and hearing such a large number and diversity of really great gear... Highly recommended!

What a great system you have there. You should rename your user name to dogontop.

Why go to RMAF when you have such a fine system? =8^)
Count me and a friend in too. Have not attended since the 1st one, but the atmosphere was the best. Better then Le Festival du Sound Le Image ( Montreal ), & T.H.E. SHOW ( Vegas ). Casual & laid back. Lots of door prizes were awarded at that 1st show. Won a cryo'd outlet. Staying at the Marriot and looking forward to meeting fellow 'Goners. Likely will be cabbing it to the local steakhouses for dinner. ( Del Frisco's Double Eagle, Elway's ). Safe journey.
I just purchased my round trip air, hotel room (on site) and registered for my badge.

This show is a must in my opinion, more fun and laid back than CES with lots of time to listen and visit with other music lovers.
I'll be there this year as well.

Did both RMAF2007 and CES2008 (THE Show), and in my opinion, RMAF is a far, far better show. It's a much more serious audio show, and at least from my perspective, I saw/met a lot more audiophiles. Much more energy and liveliness, in addition to being far more laid back and friendly.

I was disappointed enough in CES that I'm not returning.
I went to get my plane ticket and couldn't believe how much it has gone up...I'm going to wait and see if it goes down.
Yep, airline ticket prices are UP! I'm not sure I would wait however; probably will just go up even more as the date approaches...
Yes, I will be attending - all arrangements have been secured. I am especially interested in listening to new music and to see what the manufacturers are using as their demo discs this time around.
Be sure to check Frontier. They still have $200 fares from many parts of the country. I just bought a ticket for my grand daughter for $225. America and United will rip you a new one coming into Denver. Southwest is another good option for some.

The show gets bigger every year. This year, there will be exhibits at the Hyatt as well as the Marriott. I'm happy for the show's success and it's nice to have more exhibitors there (although it's already more than I can absorb in 3 days), but bigger crowds are the downside. So...

...let me tell all youse that RMAF SUCKS, it's a terrible, two-bit show, half the rooms are Bose exhibits, they play Jennifer Warnes in every room, it will turn you off to audio bigtime, don't waste your time and money, stay home.
We will be there for sure- as Albert says, a lot more laid back than CES or T.H.E. Show. Its easily twice the size of the biggest Stereophile shows. This year additional rooms are added at the Hilton a block away.

One thing is for sure- this show is also the most fun, as there are so many things to see that you will not see at CES and its easy to get to and not spread out. Plus the orientation is not so industry-related.
I wouldn't miss it for the world. This one will be number 4 for me. Made my room reservation at the Marriott while checking in at the hotel for last year's show.

My son and I are going to do a road trip for this year though, driving from the East coast via the northern route to see some roadside attractions on the way out, and via the southern route to do the same on the way back.