Room size suitable for which Wilsons?

My room size is 12.5' X 26' X 10' height, with the speakers on the short wall.

I've a pair of Watt/Puppy 8s on order, but was offered a great deal on MAXX2s.

Will the MAXX2s overload/kill my room acoustics? According to Cardas' ratio, I have to place the W/Ps 3.5 ft from the side wall, leaving only about 5.5ft from speaker to speaker.

I've written to Jfrech, and he's kindly advised that the MAXX2s won't be a problem, whilst another dealer said that its '100%' MAXX2s won't work. Jim Smith of Get Better Sound thinks it might be a little tight too.

Comments/advice greatly appreciated!
WP 8's not to big, just a tremendous amount of bass for that space. I didn't state what I meant well, sorry.
They dont extend all that lower than the Sophis so again its still not too big of a speaker IMO
Great responses guys, thanks for all of them.

I'm made to understand that the bigger(biggest?) issue is bass overload?

A friend has suggested the Synergistic Research Acoustic Arts treatment for the room, I read up a bit about them and they seem to be quite the thing now for audio tweaks.

Would additional treatments like Auralex foams and diffusors on the ceiling be any more helpful? Does anyone have any specific product they've had experience with?
12.5' wide? This is very narrow. I wouldn't put any wilsons in a room this narrow. Wilsons are ultradynamic, and have a lot of bass. I would look into a a smallish pair of monitors for a narrow room, and place a subwoofer where it will minimize the room problems.
Err..that for starters isn't something I'd consider.

I listen to rock music at least 50% of the time, and dynamics are very much a consideration.

Thanks anyway, Goatwuss.