Roon Endpoint Streamers - Direct Comparisons between Current Offerings?

Have any of you directly compared sound quality between any of the current offerings of streamers when used solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer? This assumes Roon core and any local music file storage is being operated on a separate device (i.e., a separate server).

I have listed several of the current options below and while a few of those offer additional features, such as server capabilities, hosting of local file storage, or operating players unique to their manufacturers (i.e., other than Roon), I am interested in their performance solely as a Roon endpoint/streamer. Other suggestions not listed below are welcome, but please consider a $5K -$10K price range.


  • Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical v3.0 - $5,350
  • Auralic Aries G2.2 - $6,099
  • Innuos Pulsar - $7,999


  • Aurender N200 - $6,300
  • Antipodes K22 - $9,000

Another option is the Bel Canto Stream 2, though it’s 2k. Mine is connected via AES to my dac, Bel Canto DAC 2.8, and it’s rock solid. The SEEK app is great and I alternate between a SGC i5 sonictransporter running roon on the same network switch.

Those guys in Minnesota know a thing or two about streaming.


+1 on the  A Cappella III by Musica Pristina. Under radar boutique, US manufacturer. Between $5,500 and $7,800 depending on options. I use it with my Terminator Plus via I2S and couldn’t be happier. End game for me. 

I would not rule out substantially less expensive streamers.  There are a number of good websites featuring reviews of streamers at various price points that include measurements of jitter and noise (SNR), which are the key differentiators across streamers (assuming you’re not paying for proprietary software to restock, up- or ovesample, or perform DSP).

Here’s one:

Here’s another from hi-fi news (I find the measurements section done by Paul Miller to be particularly useful; you can compare the performance of relatively inexpensive streamers to high dollar models more easily):


And yet another:


Finally, there have been a number of good discussions on other threads that have fleshed out the issues and different perspectives on streamers: