Roon I-Pad App

Anyone else having trouble downloading the Roon remote app from the Apple App Store. I have tried at least 20 times and keep getting the message below. I have the latest IOS update.

Cannot download. This app is not compatible with your device.

Any help is appreciated.
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I think you need to have a Roon account. Do you have Roon installed on your ipad and logged into your account?
You iPad needs to be of more recent vintage. Many of us Roon users who were waiting for the remote iPad app found out at the app's launch that our units weren't compatible.

Here's a link to the thread at Roon. Somewhere is there is a listing of the iPad units that will work with Roon.

Some of us were more upset than others but Roon has handled the complaints with their usual professionalism.

I have had great success using the Real VNC app to remote control the Mac Mini I use to run iTunes/Tidal/Roon. So I have a workaround until I upgrade my iPad. I've seen it run on my GF's iPad and it is terrific.
Thanks DT....Roon got back to me late today and pretty much confirmed what you stated above.
I have the correct iPad and still cannot get the iPad to work....i.e. See/ find my music. Roon has not returned my last email.
I have a brand new ipad pro and a pretty sweet PC but could not get roon to play nice with JRiver and slimserver on my PC. Tidal integration sounded great for the 4 minutes it worked.
Now that i finally got Tidal to work on my iPad ..and now that i have Roon..things are great..