Roon Labs Music Server Software

Anyone have any experiences to share?

The quick primer: this is stand alone software for pc or mac that will manage your music library and seamlessly integrate on line services like Tidal. This has been developed by the intelligent folks who developed the Sooloos system and sold it to Meridian. Meridian has blessed the effort and spun the team out into a separate company but will be sharing technology.

If this is the direction of future music management software count me in. Presently a subscription only service with a 14 day trial, priced at $119/yr or $499/lifetime, running a 10% off special. If you are into music and not just equipment, this is a must have. I was not a Tidal subscriber before as I didnt want to have to got to multiple spots to listen to music. Roon integrates your music, Tidals music, your high rez downloads and seamlessly presents them to you as if they were all local to your computer in a format like Sooloos. The android remote app is out, the ios version in days or weeks.

You can thank me for turning you onto this later, this is the future.
When Lumin adopts the idea ,like they have with Tidal, and integrates it into thier app i will be onboard as it looks great..
The music management format for Roon is quite impressive. I am not so inclined to be an early adopter when so many others are willing to try it either on trial or purchase, as I can sit idle waiting for their feedback.

They will need to make additions and improvements that can equal the SQ of Amarra, HQ Player, Audirvana +, etc and develop an IOS App for iPad to accommodate a headless Mac Mini. When that all occurs, I will jump in for a trial.

As wonderful as it is now, SQ is the most critical factor for me and many others who contribute to this forum in an effort to achieve the best sound quality possible.

Like where they are going with this though.

For the $$ and based on the substantial positive feedback, the Regen Amber will be next up for purchase/trial.

New review on Audiostream, again, no affiliation just trying to share a really
cool upgrade for your digital music enjoyment, especially in the land of
$500 isolation gel component feet.
I'm trying Roon (with Tidal), but the playback of Tidal music via Roon sounds inferior to the (glorious) playback directly from the Tidal player. I use lossless/Hifi from the Tidal player. Should I do something with the Audio Settings in Roon?
Thanks in advance for any help. (I like the music info in Roon, and would like to keep it, but I have to use the Tidal player now for actually playing music at the Tidal quality level.)
System: Windows PC --usb3.0cable--> Chord Hugo DAC --> Rudistor RP010B headphone amp.
Update, OK, I adjusted some of the audio settings (exclusive, fixed volume, digital conversion options) and the sound is much better now. It is still a little different from Tidal itself, where I *think* the bass is bit clearer in Tidal, but the Roon has more forgiving mids/lower treble if you need it. So I'll keep Roon, as it's a great source of external info.
Also, it does a great job of organizing my own downloads. It's a pretty magical organizer. I'm not sure how it sounds vs. Jriver, as I've mainly using Tidal lately.

I just signed the petition "Bring together Roon & PS Audio Bridge II" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

This is the letter on the petition that is addressed to PS Audio’s Paul McGowan and Roon’s Brian Luczkiewicz

Many of us own PS Audio PerfectWave DAC products. The PS Audio Network Bridge allows the PerfectWave DAC to operate at its fullest potential, and that potential is a force to be reckoned with! For many of you, I am preaching to the choir. This DAC & network enabled Bridge is one of the best available on the market.
Roon is simply the most impressive music management software that I have ever seen, and I think I have seen them all! It is beautifully designed so the experience of listening to music is enhanced while using it, rather than countless other programs that are a tedious distraction. Roon is not overcomplicated, yet it allows us to correctly configure the precise controls that a proper hi-fi DAC such as the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC requires.
For those of you who are Roon users, I urge you to check out the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. For the PS Audio owners, you MUST download the trial to Roon right away! It will change your life!
This petition is to show support to the good people at Roon & PS Audio. They are already working together to try to figure out how to integrate Roon & the PS Audio Bridge, so this petition is to help them give the project some steam and get it done! Please sign this and forward it to any Roon or PS Audio user that you feel is appropriate. The more support we demonstrate may just push this past the tipping point!