Roon Nucleus vs generic NUC

I run Roon ROCK on an Intel NUC with an i5 processor. It gets power from an HDPlex linear power supply and is connected to a Synology NAS and the network via an EtherREGEN switch. This gear all sits on an old audio rack in a separate area from my listening room, so I don't hear the cooling fan on the NUC.

My question is whether there would be any conceivable, audible benefit to replacing the little three-year-old NUC with a Roon Nucleus, which I suspect is an Intel NUC inside a fancy (and pretty) heat-sink case. I don't do Roon signal processing much, although the few times I've tried it the NUC could handle it.

Am I missing something? Any thoughts—and particularly experiences—would be appreciated.


You’re not missing anything. If you want, you can put your NUC in a fanless case. Otherwise, no difference. 

the roon nucleus was a huge disappointment in my system i sold it and moved on. just open the box and look inside your phone has more in it then the nucleus. but seriously its not worth the money. lackluster sound at best my optimized PC was better by far. I'm sure your current NUC will out perform it. To be honest the bluesound node is just as good if not better as a streamer, obviously lacking the roon software.  Only reason you buy a nucleus is you need roon and are not able to set it up on another device.  personally i didn't like Roon but I'm an outlier i suppose.  I'd say even my Apple 4ktv box is about as good as the nucleus streaming Tidal (cd quality). 

I moved to an Aurender A10 its better then the nucleus but really not better then the optimized PC i was using prior, IMO waste of money, put the money into the  DAC IMO.  

I had pretty much the direct opposite experience. Prior to using the Nucleus, Roon core was on a MacBook M1. Pretty good SQ in my opinion, but hadn’t known how much noise it was introducing until I had moved the core over to a Nucleus with a separate streamer. This was unexpected, especially after reading many post on this forum and the Roon forum. I guess like all things in this hobby, your experience may very and system dependent.