Roon support or lack thereof, Part 2

A little less than a year ago, I posted about my Roon Nucleus Plus dying. Recalling from that post:

"Just received it back.  It works. I didn’t have the original packaging but did a nice job with foam, bubble wrap, etc. They returned it in my same packaging, which I found “cheap”.  I suppose they thought I would just throw their packaging away again, but after this experience, I don’t know why they would think that."

Ironically, it died again a few weeks ago. After the typical and customary difficulty in communication with the company, it was finally accepted that it had died again (no HDMI signal), and I received an RMA. (Of course, I had to create new packaging again. I will keep it this time.) I expressed my concern about it being a lemon and wanted a brand new device, not a repaired one, my concern being that there was an upstream component taking downstream parts out. 


This was their reply:

"We will be replacing the motherboard, RAM and SSD with a preinstalled RoonOS. These replacements will include all new hardware parts, so aside from the chassis and power supply, the unit can be considered as new.


Furthermore, the warranty for the repaired unit will be extended for an additional 90 days. This extended warranty will cover any defects or issues related to the new hardware replacements.


We understand that hardware issues can be frustrating, but please know that this does not mean that you have a "lemon." Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible service and we are confident that these replacements will resolve the issue.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your patience throughout this process and we look forward to getting your unit back to you as soon as possible."


So they included a 90 day warranty to extend my existing warranty by a few months. I again asked for a new warranty but was not given one.  Although the entire unit has new components, they are unwilling to provide a "new" warranty. Evidently, they have no more faith in their product than I now do.

Caveat emptor.




this is why you deal with a specialist company


roons hardware isn’t very good and they don’t care about selling hardware they make the majority of their money by selling software

we import the 432evo roon servers

we can extend the warranty at will as well as swap units and send out loaners

so this is something you should consider before purchasing hardware


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I agree with @roxy54.  There wasn't much more that Roon could have done here.  I mean, a 'lemon' after two issues?  They replaced pretty much everything and even extended the warranty.  Bravo.

If you buy used without a box or toss your OG box, why should Roon have to give you another box which costs them money?  This thread seems very petty.

I don’t think bringing this to the attention of Audiogoners is petty. If I was aware of this issue, I would never have bought it. Again, caveat emptor.