rotel rb1090 or odyssey stratos mono extremes

was thinking of upgrading/changing my rotel rb1090 to mono extremes. has anyone compared the two? or are there any better suggestions? see my system for other equipment.
Well no matter what if you put mono extremes is about 10 times the amplifier in sound and quality... So thats a choice you need to make based on price, but it is very safe to say that you will not be going down in anyway from the Rotel. I have heard Rotel amps but not specifically this one. However the only other close peers to the Odyssey in price performance(and even way higher price to be honest) are a few McCormack designs, Belles, And Mcintosh.. With the Infinity speakers its a toss up, fact is no matter what a mcintosh will sound very nice in this combo. But odyssey you will get more for the money, mcintosh is very musical, odyssey is very Lab grade accurate, its not harsh just will sound like the components in front of it without color, the mcintosh may sound a bit more fuzzy, this was my experience anyway.
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I was using a Rotel RB 1090 to drive Thiel CS 3.6s and decided to try Stratos Mono Extreme SE's. The improvement was immediately noticeable: more detailed all around and improved bass depth. I sold the Rotel after about a month. Associated equipment: Sony SCD 555es changer, Rotel RC 1090 preamp, Thiel CS3.6, Anti-cables and interconnects. I can't comment on synergy/compatability with other equipment but I'm completely happy with the Monos/Thiel combination. They've been in my system now for 2 months. I'm now saving to buy the Tempest Extreme or new Candela preamp to pit against the Rotel RC 1090.
Mtntracks, I heard Thiel and the Odyssey Extreme Stratos
Monos,It was awsome.My friend borrowed mine that time.
I miss it.If I wont be able to sell my mono, maybe I
will just buy the CS6.
This is a no-brainer; the Odyssey Stratos Mono Exremes are far superior to the Rotel. The Rotel is not even in the same class.
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Bob reynolds, with respect,I disagree, changing the
speakers has no guarantee,that they will match the whole
system,it happened to me, I change the speakers, and the
my whole system did not synergise.
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I'm a bit late on this one, unfortuately there was no one to tell me the difference between the two so I had to just fork out the money and try it, here is my take on it:

I have the Rotel RB-1090 amp and Rotel RC-1090 pre-amp. Things got the better of me and I ordered the Odyssey Mono Extremes and the Tempest Pre-amp. The Odyssey Momo Extremes took a very long break-in for me but finally did. The sound is nice but I was disappointed and went back to the Rotel RB-1090 and RC-1090. The Odyessey just didn't have the musical magic sound of the Rotel sound. It's not an upgrade to Rotel's top line. There's a review of the Odyessey Mono Extreme and Rotel RB-1090 and they prefered the Rotel's creamy airy smoother sound. The Rotel is just as detailed as the Odyssey but love the soundstage and imaging of the Rotel midrange far better than the Odyessey. After two years, I sold my Odyssey Mono Extremes and Tempest to a friend. He still has it but now is looking for a nice used Rotel RB-1090/RC-1090 to change to the Rotel sound.