Router for Audio Streaming

I have been streaming Pandora, Spotify and Qobuz through a wifi network streamer from a Netgear AC1750 R6400v2 router with no sound quality complaints.

Recently a router firmware update failed (a known issue with these) and as a result it is no longer accessible for administration.  It still seems to perform ok and accepts new devices however the network settings are "frozen" and I am unable to view device IP addresses or traffic, neither via desktop browser nor via the Nighthawk app.

I will try a factory reset but have read that quite often this does not work in these situations, so I started investigating getting a new router to be able to pull the trigger quickly if needed.

I heard/read that routers can make a difference in sound quality, beyond just being able to keep up with streaming with no buffering.  I'm wondering what router experience and recommendations folks have here for reliable audio streaming with superior sound quality at a reasonable price.



If you don't need mesh wifi, you don't need to buy it. The router ought to be fine for a smaller area. I ran a cable out of the window for about 30' between my router and computer and honestly, when I'm wireless, it is just about as fast and reliable. 

Can do a Speedtest on your computer to compare.

@mendef , if you follow the thread you will discover that the router question had been resolved. I have successfully factory-reset my trusty Netgear AC1750 R6400v2 and it works seamlessly in both wifi and ethernet hi-res audio (Qobuz 192kHz) streaming as before.

My experience with wifi vs. ethernet (in audio) is the same as yours.

P.S., as I had posted, I'm getting consistently > 350 mbps at my desktop via wifi, and have never had audio buffering, so no speed issues.

@yoramguy1 No. 6 is certainly case with optimal streaming. I appreciate your perspectives on all  other points. I differ from No. 3 in that longer term listening is final arbiter for me.

I’m thinking of upgrading my wifi router to a Fidelizer Airstream in the new year.