RSX technologies Benchmark AC cable

I always thought AC cables were a myth. I did invest a few hundred dollars on each of my old AC cables but as I replaced them I never felt a significant improvement when I upgraded them.
Enter RSX technologies Benchmark AC cable...
RSX technologies is the new baby of good young Roger Skoff, the legendary founder of XLO cables and its owner when XLO was at the spearhead of cable technology, in the early 2000’s.
A friend here in Israel loaned me a set of 4 RSX technologies Benchmark AC cables. After no less than a 100 hours of burn in, my jaw dropped. At a cost of 1200$ I got sound improvement that usually takes 5 digits of dollars to achieve.
The clarity. The low noise floor. The sound stage. The accuracy and most importantly !!! All mentioned above did not come at the expense of harsh sound. My beloved warm sound is still there. Truly a technological wonder !


I am not disputing your results, but I looked at the site and saw nothing that distinguished these cords. Several trademark terms with no immediate explanation as to what they mean raises some flags with me. Is there more detail somewhere that explains the amazing results?

"That which is stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" - Hitchins' Rule.


We know that Roger Skoff comes from an excellent XLO cabling design background. From RSX’s very slow product releases, few but great reviews, pricing much lower than medium-top XLO offerings, I highly suspect that this time around Roger is trying to develop/market high-value products geared to compete with mid-top tier cables.

Thanks for sharing