As I was listening to music this afternoon and evening, I got to thinking about the equipment designers and manufacturers to whom I owe thanks to for my listening pleasure. Here are some of mine. Who are yours?

Designers who have greatly increased my music listen pleasure over the years:

Lloyd Walker - Walker Audio
Jim White - Aesthetix Audio
Ralph Karsten - Atma-Sphere Music Systems
Neil Patel - Avalon Acoustics
Saul Marantz & Sidney Smith - Marantz
Harry Weisfeld - VPI Industries
Bruce Thigpen - Eminent Technology

Thanks to all of you for the work you've accomplished and shared.
To whom do you owe thanks for your listening pleasure?

Apologies, this was the intended subject line for this post.
Good thread idea, Rush. In my case:

Saul Marantz, Sid Smith -- Marantz
John Curl, Tom Colangelo, Mark Levinson -- Mark Levinson Audio Systems
Kevin Hayes -- VAC
Lou Hinkley -- Daedalus Audio
Dave Fletcher, Rodney Herman, Bob Becker -- SOTA Industries
Jim Winey -- Magnepan
Hermon Hosmer Scott, Daniel von Recklinghausen -- H. H. Scott
George Pappamarcos, Benji Hara, Randy Runyon -- REL (Radio Engineering Laboratories, no relation to the British subwoofer manufacturer)

Best regards,
-- Al
Ditto re all of the above. Please add William Zane Johnson, Audio Research Corporation.

Happy Holidays. May the coming New Year find all of us in good health and good cheer, on a sailboat yacht, sailing the West Coast and the South Pacific with Nicknac.


I owe thanks for my listening pleasure to:

Walter Becker & Donald Fagen-Steely Dan

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr-The Beatles

Jackson Browne

Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Bernie Leadon, Timothy B. Schmit, et. al-The Eagles

Plus many, many more. Equipment is a means to an end. That end being MUSIC...
I tip my hat to Bruce, owner of Stereo Unlimited in San Diego.
Without his advice and guidance, I would have 'wasted' a lot of money, instead of just spending it! (grin)
My thanks go to the guys who make quality affordable gear that allow poor slobs like me enjoy this stuff!
Joe Grado-Grado Labs
Mike Sanders-Quicksilver Audio
Harry Weisfeld-VPI
Peter Walker Quad ESL
Harold Beveridge. Beveridge Loudspeakers
Saul Marantz & Sidney Smith Marantz Classic tube electronics
Jim White Aesthetix IO
Wm. Z. Johnson SP 8 & 10
Julius Futterman H3a
David Berning ZH 270

I think all very progressive and in some cases, ingenious designers. Thank-you !
Interesting idea Rush. In my case, most of my equipment was designed and built by one-man "companies." These include:

Thom Mackris----Galibier turntables
Tri Mai----Triplanar tonearms
Fred Volz----Emotive Audio Design
Samuel Furon---Ocellia cables

I should also add my son Michael who designed my 46 SE amps as well as came up with the idea behind my speakers which are based on the Western Electric 753.
Steve Deckert - Decware
Dan Wright - Modwright
Frank Dai - Signal Cable
Sean Casey and all the Zu family - Zu Audio
George Wright - Wright Sound
Jim Hagerman - Hagtech
Boris Sasic - Vista Audio
David Hafler - Hafler
Peter Daniels - Audiosector
Albert Von Schweikert - Von Schweikert
Yoshihiro Muramatsu - Almarro
Hisayoshi Nakatsuka - ZYX
Steve Jobs and all the engineers - Apple

I'm sure I've missed some, and I apologize to them. They've all contributed over the years to my music reproduction education and enjoyment.

But like Mofimadness, the real thanks go to the recording artists, and there are way too many to list. Without the music, none of the equipment matters.

We are blessed to have both great artists and great engineers.

Affordable gear from Harry, give me a break. Note I did not say his gear is not good, just over priced.
Great idea to share Rushton:

Kara E. Chaffee - Dehavilland Electric Amplification Co.
A.J. Conti - Basis
Jim Aud - PAD
Bill Conrad - Conrad-Johnson

Have spoken to all, love the equipment and...very important to me - excellent customer service.

Special note to the late Jim Thiel - never met or spoke to him but his speakers have been my audio favorite from the first listen.
Guy R. Fountain & Ronald Rackham - Tannoy
Michael Reverchon - Goldmund
A.J. van den Hul!
Alan Hobkirk - South African Legendary Designer!
Ralph Karsten
Roger West
Harold Beveridge
Julius Futterman
Nelson Pass
Drs. Lenco, Technics, and Kenwood, whoever you are.
Walter O Stanton
Joe Grado (though I no longer use a Grado cartridge)
and any of the many others mentioned here by other contributors.

I had forgotten Frank Dai - Signal Cables. Major contributor to the no 'BS' cable club! Thanks for remembering!

It's nice to see that so many of have personal relationships with those who have made possible the equipment we use. While it certainly is true that the equipment is a tool in service to the music, the better the tool, the more I marvel at being able to bring the music into my listening room with some suspension of disbelief and with great enjoyment.
Hey Pops ... you tipped your hat to Bill Conrad of Conrad-Johnson fame. Not even an honorable mention for his partner Howard Johnson, the inventor of the ice cream cone.