SACD, DVD-A specialty review site: a good idea?

I am thinking of building a compreshensive SACD and DVD-A software only review site where audiophiles and casual listeners can post their findings on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although there seems to be a great many resources on AA and this site, you've got to really hunt sometimes for a reveiew of aparticular title or new release. It would therefore be helpful to have one dedicated site where you could "look up" the broad-based rating of a SACD or DVD-A before buying -- especially with so many titles becomming available.

I know that too often I buy bad SACDs (with respect to both sonics and content)just because I think they might be "good" and the software is still so limited that "I better get all that I can afford". With quality all over the board, sometimes you are really rolling the dice on SACD, especially if it is one of those Sony remasters of older albums. And the broad variance in quality and "listener placement" in multichannel recordings throws another variable into the complex equation of what is, or is not, a good SACD or DVD-A.

Given the above, does anyone think that a specialty site devoted soley to reviewing SACD and DVD-A is a good idea? Or, has some already done a site with comprehensive reviews of SACD and DVD-As? --Lorne