Salagar Speakers

Anyone have recommendations on balanced pre-amps that work well with these active speakers? Anyone bypass the pre-amp directly?
I have a pair of Salagar S207's that I have used with my Audio Research Ref 3 preamp as well as driven directly by a Meridian 808. Both sounded terrific - the Salagar is a beautifully designed, very musical speaker. I can't say I prefer one over the other, except thru the preamp of course, allows me to listen to my vinyl as well.
I'm a Salagar dealer and first heard them with the EAR Acute player direct and that setup worked well enough for me to buy a pair. It's worked great in my store as well. Also, if I may continue to srill a bit, (and I do this about once every 3 years) Jeff Rowland's $2700 Capri preamp with xlr outputs is an awesome matchup and a really great preamp, notably better than previous $3900 JR Concerto preamp.