sand in speaekers

can you add sand or attabyytes

to the bottom of a speaeker.

if you have tell me model

you did it to !
thanks i am disabeled.
I would contact the speaker manufacture before doing this, as this might reduce the volumn inside the speaker and affect the sound. Another Option is to put a #7.5 lead Shot in bags atop your speakers (Common for subs). Make sure to double seal the bags and keep out of reach of children because of the lead.
I'm pretty sure he is talking about specific models that are designed to have mass added to them.

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I know there are manufacturers that make a cavity available for this purpose.
Merlins' have 26lbs of sand. What would probably be better or match Attabytes would be Starsound's Micro Bearings. They're tiny ball bearrings that fit uniformally together and require less space to accomplish the same task. Tweek Geek sells this product.
Totem Sttafs can be filled with sand, shot, or other material. There is a cavity at the bottom specifically for this purpose. I think all of the Totem tower speakers may have this provision. When I had my Sttafs, I filled them with 5 lbs of lead shot.

Also. my Von Scweikert VR3's have a fill cavity in the Mid/Tweeter module - but this is up top, not on the bottom.
Von Scheikert VR-2 is a bottom load design, I have lead shot in mine. I think i put around 40 lbs in each. I bought the lead shot at Ace Hardware, i found it in the gun department. i know that you can find it on ebay and the shipping is resonable, even considering the weight.
The Monitor Audio Silver 5i's that I previously owned also had a chamber in the bottom of the cabinet. There was a plastic plug covering the opening. I used around 25# of lead shot (double bagged)in each. It tightened up the base considerably. The 25# was probably overkill.

If you do use sand, make sure that it is dry. Bagging it would probably also be good.

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