Schiit Eitr with Aurender N100H

I’ve been using the new Schiit Eitr USB-to-S/PDIF converter with my Aurender N100H and I’m having an odd problem. When I stream Tidal, the Eitr works perfectly. When I play files from the hard drive, there is no sound. I have 2 other USB-to-SPDIF converters (Singxer F-1 and Mutec MC-3+ USB) and they play files and Tidal perfectly. Is anyone else using an Eitr with an N100H?


Please review this Schiit link for possible answers. If nothing, please contact Schiit and ask them.

hgeifman - Yes, I plan to use either or both of those, depending on the responses I get.  I know its a very new product, just trying to determine if there are any others out there who may be using it with an Aurender, and having a similar problem, or not...


Last week I wrote to customer service at Schiit, and they offered a replacement.  I received the replacement today, and it works perfectly. Now I'm switching back and forth between files and Tidal with no issues.


@dave,  I am happy Schiit responded so quickly with a replacement Etir unit and everything is working.  Please check the Tidal Masters tab for MQA coded albums.  Enjoy. 

Glad Schiit took care of that situation for you.

I’m interested in this Eitr, myself. Currently using a V-Link 192 USB/SDPDIF converter and happy with it. It sounds better than running coax out of an Aries Mini directly into the Gungnir DAC. BUT, of course, always curious about how something new might sound especially if the price is right.  Less than $200 for Schiit’s Eitr is right for me.

Can you provide any comments about sound with the Eitr vs that Singxer F-1?  There is a pretty active Eitr thread over on (you might already know about this).  One of the posters there said the Eitr was better than the F-1 which in turn, he though, was better than the MF V-Link 192.  Would be great to know your opinion.  Thanks.

I think the comparison between the F-1 and he Eitr is very appropriate because they both have identical functionality, and very similar prices.

I've been using the F-1 for about 6 months, and it's a very good unit.   I liked the fact that is was bus-powered and didn't require a power cord like the Eitr does. 

Sonically they are very close.  I notice a slightly wider stage with the Eitr, and better clarity in the highs, specifically cymbals.  This was most noticeable with my Stax headphones.  I also think that the Eitr has deeper bass. 

But with a different source/speakers, etc, your findings could be the opposite.

I think you could be happy with either one, given the compact size and the price-point, but I give a slight edge to the Eitr.

@Dave:Thanks so much for your comparison. I'm the owner of a gumby, so an eitr in front of it should fit very well :D.  

Thanks very much, dpetr.  Exactly the info I was interested in.  Appreciate you taking the time.  I didn't know that Mutec device you mentioned.  ! Wow when I looked that up.  I'm guessing that's in another league from Singxer or Eitr.  

I use a Douk Mall split USB cable (separate leads for power and signal) with the power source being a little 5V Enercell AC/DC converter plugged into an APC H-10 power conditioner.  Hopefully, there's enough space (width) when the Enercell is removed to plug in the Eitr wall wart.    

Take care and thanks again.  

I've used many of these USB-to-S/PDIF converters over the past 4 years.  I like the concept of asynchronous USB, and I also like being able to change my USB converter as technology changes, but keeping my Aurender server, sort of like changing cartridges on a turntable.   Over the past 4 years, I've used a Berkeley Alpha USB, the Lampizator USB Transport, the Mutec, a Singxer F-1, and now the Eitr.  They were all excellent sounding interfaces, but the processing capabilities of these devices keeps advancing, and prices keep falling. 

I sold the Mutec this week....


dpetr -
Interesting to read your history with these converters. What surprised me was that things definitely sounded better using the Aries Mini USB into the V-Link and then coax out to the Gungnir (bought open box without USB input). That is to say, sounded better than running coax direct from the Aries Mini to the Gungnir. Dunno why that was the case but it was not subtle.

A favor to ask, but only if you can reach it easily: How wide is that wall wart that comes with the Eitr? If it’s tough to get to (behind the rack or something) don’t worry about it.
@dpetr I recently purchased a Shiit Gungnir Multibit (gumby) and am running it off of Mac Mini and it sounds good. Now I'm considering replacing the Mac Mini with an Aurender N100H.

Thoughts on the scale and types of improvement?

ghosthouse - The wall wart for the Eitr is tiny - much smaller than I was expecting.  its rectangular, about an inch and a half "tall" and about an inch deep. 


cdc2 - I've never used a Mac Mini, so I'm not able to compare to my Aurender.  I have read comments written by others who have moved from a Mini to an Aurender and they noticed improvements. 

Sonically my Aurender is superb.  I love the ease of use and the app.  I also like the small footprint of the N100.  I've used their customer service several times and each time they respond quickly, and with a solution - no BS.  They make excellent products and stand by them.  I couldn't recommend it more highly...

But I am curious how the N100 would compare to an UltraRendu with a good linear PS.  I haven't read about the comparison yet, and I think the prices would be similar.


Thanks for the size info, dpetr. At the risk of becoming tedious (assuming I’m not already! ;-) What sort of width does the Eitr wall wart have? i.e., the dimension of the face with the AC prongs...1.5" tall but how wide?? THANKS again.
If I connect the Eitr between my Aurender N100H and my Auralic Vega won’t I lose the capability to play DSD files since the Auralic only processes DSD via the USB port?
Looks like Aurender and Auralic support DoP  but not DSD to native PCM. See link below for Auralic Vega. That would still leave you limited to DSD128