Schiit Ragnarok

Anyone here have one? What attracted you to this brand? What do you like about the sonics?
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Schitt is a fairly new company, I believe is part or wholly owned by Mike Moffat, one of the owner/designers from Mark Levinson.

So there's some good cred behind it, and from what I've seen and heard their products are top end without the high price tag and glitzy external appearance, that so many glitz queens get lured into paying fortunes for, that have similar design and technology inside but with a fancy eye candy chassis.

Cheers George

Mike Moffat was the designer of the initial Theta products. He then had a company named Angstrom and made a good surround sound processor.

Sorry, knew it was one of those esoteric ones.

Just as good in the digital domain of yesteryears DAC’s and CDP’s.

Yeah and what happened to Angstrom a few years back, big fanfare at the beginning, promised to revolutionize d to A conversion, then nil heard about it for stereo application. Or was that another dac chip starting with an "A" maybe Anagram Technologies?

PS: Just did a search, looks like Analog Devices bought them out.

Cheers George

Looking at this piece online,  It would lead me to believe that Jason did this piece rather than Mike.  At one time, Jason was head designer at Sumo.... They are calling this amp a cyclotron design which is terminology that Jim Bongiorno's amp designs were dubbed at Sumo decades ago.  Of course, they both could easily had their hands in it.
Top 5 headphone amp available.  Try HD-600, Audeze LCD-2, HFM 560 with balanced wires.  Just special.  Total control, big volume, super clean bass that thumps (if it's there).

As an integrated, it's not a muscle amp (I hear it can drive a Magnepan .7) if so, that's the limit.  It's fine for an old pair of ProAc Tablettes and Triangle Celius 202's.  Clearly can play any speaker with > 90 db SPL (unless the room is a cavern of course). 

If you like (or need) the soft haze of tubes (THD), or a more subtle transistor sweetness of say a Pass X Series - then you might not like it.  However the bass is very good, and the mids and highs are totally coherent with each other.  It never takes a misstep, it's detailed, but not bright.  But it doesn't give a holographic view on the sound (width, depth, spatial cues) quite like my Pass X-150 - but, it's a boat load cheaper (at least when new).

Pre-amp: Just getting started - but it lacks width compared to a Pass L, and depth isn't as good - but seriously.

The pre-amp and amp are well matched.  The headphone amp is obscene.  If you listen to high end cans, but are using some tube in an altoids container or a low piece of Schiit AND need something to drive an average or more efficient speaker - don't buy until you look closely at this.