Schitt Saga tube buffer preamplifier gain?

I pulled the trigger on the Schiit Saga preamplifier. Why is the gain (volume-output) so low? It is amazing with the one tube. Love it except not much gain in the output stage. Can I tube roll and get a different tube to make a difference? Out of the box it is pure tube sound (buffer). My goal is to get a Schiit Freya + and be set. I hope that is not the same. You guys know so much on this forum. Thanks?
I only have digital sources that already exceed the input sensitivity of my amps (1.2V). More preamp gain wouldn’t help my system so the Saga+ works fine for me. I have noticed slight differences in gain with different tubes but not enough to matter. I’m not sure how much “tubiness” it imparts with the hybrid tube/SS buffer because I don’t have much personal experience for comparison.
if you have a low level source or want what should be more tube character, the Freya+ has 12dB of gain. If you’re still in your 15 day trial, I think Schiit waives at least part of the restock fee if you’re trading up. 
The Saga has no gain. Your source component needs to have enough voltage to drive your amp.
I wonder why Schitt did not provide any gain in the saga like they did the Freya plus. Maybe I can send it back and put the money toward the freya plus. I have read / heard that the Freya Plus arrives sometimes not able to play out of the box. I guess I will take my chances. I want some tube magic but dont have a lot of funds. Got a family and house to take care of. thanks guys for letting me know. 

Saga works really really well as a preamp for my Shitt headphone amp when using decent headphones. Nice sound. Grado and other highly detailed headphones work best. 
The Saga and the Freya serve different purposes. Though both can be used to drive an amplifier.  They are not equally compatible with every system however.

The Saga is a passive pre with a tube buffer that can be switched in or out.
The Freya is a true active preamp. IMO having a reasonable amount of gain.
If you want a preamp that uses the 6SN7 preamp tube, check out the Schiit Lyr 3.  It offers 2 gain settings, both are higher than unity. The low setting has 3.5 dB gain and the high 17.5 dB.  I had a Saga+ for a couple of months and discovered that I needed some preamp gain for recordings done at a low level, so I went from the Saga to the Lyr. To me, the sound quality is identical and it solves my need for a bit of gain. (Other than to see if it works, I haven't needed the high gain setting.)   

Now, the Lyr does have a few drawbacks compared to the Saga. It has only one set of RCA inputs (but you can add a second input with one of their DAC or phono modules) and only one set of RCA outputs. It also runs warmer than the Saga, but that is due to the class A headphone amp you get. The Saga doesn't have a headphone output. And, it is $100 more than the Saga with no extra modules. 
I just  really should pull the trigger on the Freya plus. It does it all! I use the Saga plus with my Schiit Asgard class A headphone amp and with just one tube that the Saga plus uses the sound is incredible. Detail, smooth and still dynamic with good headphones!
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Schitt Saga tube buffer preamplifier gain?

Why is the gain (volume-output) so low? It is amazing with the one tube.
1:Are you at full volume or 3/4 or 1/2 for loud listening?
2:What is your source that goes into it that it is too low with?
3: And what is your poweramp that you use it with?

Cheers George
I am at full volume on the schitt saga preamp. This way I can use my source plugged in to turn it up (tape deck output, integrated amp output and of course my wonderful schitt asgard headphone amp which I love sound of) The weakest source is turntable with MM cartridge. Too many variables on this with the output and all. Lot of hum . Am using a dual restored table. My power amp is a very powerful B&K Ref 200.2. I also  hooked up the saga to my cambridge audion Azur integrated and it sounded pretty good, smooth, silky etc.  I am going to sell it unless I can find a reason to keep it. I am on the fence. It could shine with a GE or RCA tube roll? Any input would be great. Happy Easter!
B&K Ref 200.2 Input Sensitivity1.4 V
1.4v this is quite low gain, maybe you should have got the Freya which has more gain from it’s active stage, and all should be right with line level sources, but your phono stage?? whatever it is? also needs to be high gain. >50db probably

I also hooked up the saga to my Cambridge Audio Azur integrated and it sounded pretty good, smooth, silky etc.
I don’t understand, your running the Saga preamp into the preamp or the Azur. why? (It doesn’t have a poweramp input only a preamp output.)
BTW forget tube rolling, that’s just fine tuning the sound, no extra gain will be achieved
Cheers George