schticky to clean lp's

I noticed the sticky is being advertised in an analog magazine to clean your albums. It looks like the same roller on those annoying tv ads for "scticky. Would it leave a residue?
I have the Nagaoka record cleaner, which is basically a sticky elasomeric roller. Personally, I doubt the effectiveness of any of these rolling devices, Pixall included, to pick up anything beyond what a carbon fiber brush will dislodge on a rotating record. BTW, the Pixall uses a tape roll, like a lint roller. Check out the Nagaoka here:
I use a VPI record cleaner and for the most part have been very happy with it. I recently bought a In The Groove (sticky) cleaner from Music Direct. My thought was to use when the record was not in need of an all out bath. It seemed to do the job well so I decided to experiment. I have some albums that just seem to have more surface noise than I care for no matter how clean the VPI could make them. I washed one of them in the VPI then rolled it with the In The Groove. This drastically reduced the noise much to my surprise. I've been using the disc doctor's "Miracle Record Cleaner" as the solution with the VPI. Makes me wonder if I'm using the wrong juice.
Bissell makes a $6 sticky in their pet products line. It works wonders if you use a little steam. 'Perfect vinyl, forever'.
My concern would be residues left behind by these shticky rollers. Even a microscopic film can build up over time and transfer to you stylus.

As far as cleaning the gooves (or getting in there), if wood glue works, maybe these will as well. But pulling particles out does not mean they won't leave their own crap behind.
It will work as long as you are religious in keeping it clean. If it starts to load up with shit it will deposit some back on to the record. Since the roller moves only in a straight line while the groove is curved this deposition will be intermittent. The result will be pulsed noise starting in the left channel at the start of the album and moving to the right by the end. Very annoying! I'm lazy. I use mine to clean my Hunt brush between uses and it works very well for that.
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