SE RCA to XLR... any benefit?

Quick question, I have my suspicions but wanted to get some feedback.

If I'm feeding a single-ended source into a balanced component is there any advantage to using RCA to XLR cables or do you end up in the same place just letting the device bridge the signal over from RCA inputs into the balanced circuit? 

I know the term balanced is a bit loaded as it is seeming interchangeably used for:
- 3-Pin XLR balanced interconnects 
- Components with a "fully" balanced circuit design
- 4-Pin XLR balanced (dual grounded) headphone cables

In this case, I'm talking about a component (like a balanced pre-amp, or a balanced headphone amp) where the signal coming in from a tube line stage is SE but the component has a balanced circuit and the capability to output balanced. 

There's no advantage to using XLR in the first place. The trick to your question is to realize the overriding factor in this is the quality of the interconnect. Not what plugs are at either end, but the wire in between. Since there are BY FAR more quality RCA interconnects available and at much better prices than RCA to XLR, this one is a no-brainer. Go RCA all the way and let your faux balanced whatever do its thing. Whatever that may be.
I would PM Atmasphere (Ralph Karsten) to get a complete understanding of the differences between RCA and XLR, though a little searching on this forum should provide you the same.
MC you are flat out wrong!

crappy rcas suffer from poor connectors which often have micro-leaking issues, especially between cheap rca females
Also, the ground runs along the signal wires, further muddying the signal, just as 2 channels running in parallel on the internal layout of stereo amps. Obviously the problem is minimized if one at least has dual mono amps connected via rcas

Eichmann Cables invented a special rca to eliminate this problem for interconnects

if one subscribes to having a true hi-end system, one needs true balanced kit, which is connected via XLR cables

I certainly hope Ralph chimes in

Thanks for the feedback guys. Most of the gear I run is balanced and supports balanced interconnects but there are a few items like my TT or a tube line stage I have that are all SE all the time. So really my question is, if a given component is going to take a signal that comes into the unit via SE and then run it through a balanced circuit and output it over balanced interconnects, would there be any benefit to piping the SE signal into the XLR inputs? 

Really more of a thought exercise than a practical problem ;) 
Once again, I would either call or PM Ralph (Atmasphere).
He knows this stuff inside/out.