Second-hand record stores in Tokyo

I will have a couple of days free in Tokyo on a work trip. Grateful if people can point to locations of good second-hand record stores. I'd be looking mostly for classical and jazz. Thanks!


Japanese city funk jazz is to die for indeed. Look also for vintage anime soundtracks with that badass funky jazz there. IM me for titles

You can make money when you get back with those records.




Disc Union, near the Ochanomizu train station, which is one stop away from Akihabara station, has a vast selection of both new and used LPs.  They rate their used LPs on an A, B, C scale.  You can buy A and even most B rated LPs sight unseen with full confidence that they will play as if new.

@lewm , Japanese vinyl grading system is similar to Russian system of grading records. In Soviet Union collectors would only have 2 ratings Mint or Not Mint where Mint means it's good to sell which means there's not even a fingerprint can be noted.

There are a lot of used record stores in Tokyo, in Japan really. Many of them specialize. They’ll be a whole book in fact on used record stores and what their specialities are. One thing to keep in mind is, many of them are not in the first floor. So you really need to use google street view to make sure you’re  in front of the right building and then go look at the lists of businesses in the lobby. Another thing to keep in mind is which exit you use to leave to subway so your closest to

the store you want to go to. It sounds like a small thing but it can prove not to be. I was buying used records in Tokyo in the 80’s with a musician named John Zorn who had an apartment there at the time, he had a whole book in Japanese, with a page on each store and a diagram for what exit of the subway you got out of. I’ve been back since and it’s so much easier now with smart phones but still not the linear here is the address, here is the store, you might be used to. Vinyl Factory will have a good online record store guide and they’ll will be others online as well. I’ve been in stores in the US that the day they were opening, had a team of Japanese buyers scouring the store and buying hundreds of records to send back to Japan. So there are amazing records there, from all over. 

Disc Union is a big business with a prominent ground level store front in Ochanomizu. The name is emblazoned on the building in English script. You can’t miss it. They may have smaller branch stores elsewhere in Tokyo.

Many thanks for the quick and informative responses. I will enjoy my day off, I'm sure.

I bought quite a few records from HMV Records and Books in Shibuya and Shinjuku. In Shibuya, the record shop is in a different location than the book shop. Many thanks to ANA for not weighing carry on luggage. ;)

Also, if you’re into chef’s knives, Japan is awesome for those too. We bought knives from Seisuke. Knives go into your check ins of course.

Oh, and I almost forgot, drop by Yodobashi and BIC Camera if you have time.

Have a great trip!