Seeking Feedback Re: Ansuz vs. Shunyata or Synergistic Research Power Conditioning

I’m currently using the Shunyata Research Everest in my HIFI system and attended the Florida Audio Expo this weekend. They were many rooms using the Ansuz conditioning products. They appeared to really work well… In addition, the synergistic research room also displayed a very solid power conditioner. The images from the systems using the Ansuz and Synergistic research appeared to be more lifelike… And holographic… No rooms were using the Everest. Considering making a change and wondering what the thoughts are out there for best power conditioning.


@firstcut I’m using Synergistic Research Powercell 8 UEF SE with their loom of Atmosphere X level 1 cables and there actually is a “synergy” sounds phenomenal. IMO the use of a loom of speaker cables, pcs, ics, makes the biggest difference. 

I attended the same show. I listened to the Ansuz Sort in several of their display systems. The technology behind the the Sortz reminds me of the Cardas caps that was the rage years ago. The Sortz costs about 800 and some change each! They said you only need one, but wait, obviously, two or more are always better. When they installed one of these RCA plugs into an unused plug, it changed the sound in some way. I would say it sounded more open. It was high res streaming so perhaps it does eliminate some stray EMI//RFI because it is designed to reduce spurious or stray signals that may find their way into the inputs of your device. I am interested to test these in my unused phono input as I see that as being the place where such stray electronic signals may have the most effect. I read the attached linked review and now I think it might be more something to experiment with than I must have. YMMV like many things. I left the show without taking any home, 



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@firstcut ​They appeared to really work well…

How could you tell? Did they do a demo with and without?​​​​​​

I doubt anything you mentioned will be better than your Shunyata Everest.


What power cord are you using on your Everest?

Hi firstcut. I recently switched from a Audioquest Niagra 7000 with an Audioquest Hurricane 15 amp cable to the Synergistic SX Powercell 12 with the matching Gallileo SX Powercord. The Synergistic kit is hugely better - wider, deeper sound stage, more holographic sound with much greater detail retrevial. You hear much deeper into the music as noise is reduced making music more realistic. The Niagra was good the Synergistic is outstanding. One thing to bear inmind is the the Synergistic does not have surge protection - I got round that with a Puritan Guardian plug. 

I have not heard the Ansuz conditioner but do rate their isolation products. Hope this helps. 

Shunyata is my reference. Have loved them from the time I first bought a hydra. Now I’ve moved up to the hydra triton combo. 

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I am using a Synergistic Powercell for all components except for amps. For the amps I use a Shunyata Cyclops. Power cords are Synergistic for most source components, Bybee-Tweekgeek for the DAC and Triode Wire labs for the amps. 

I have not used a power conditioner on my REL subs, except for plug in modules on the line, such as High Fidelity magnet barrel, NCF Clearline, and Nordost QK-1.

I would like to try the Ansuz power cables on the Rel subs. Has anyone tried the Ansuz power cables on subwoofers ? I heard they have excellent bass quality. 

I’m very pleased with the Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference Rel Spec Subwoofer cable on my REL s/510.