Seeking help with the Innuos Sense app

Hello, Audiogoners. A warning at the top: This post, by necessity, will be long and detailed, as I’m a blind guy who is looking for very specific help with a certain app, and will need first to describe how blind folks employ a screen reader to access their phone.


My reason for writing: I’ve been thinking about buying an Innuos Zen Mini, but need to determine if the company’s Sense app will be accessible too me, as the last thing I want to do is drop a bunch of money on something I cannot use.


A bit of information so this makes sense. On my iPhone, I use VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader for the blind. It speaks what’s on the screen and allows me to click on buttons, etc. On apps that are written properly, that is. And not all are — at all.


I’d like someone who has an Innuos device to check the Sense app to determine if it could work for me. Simply put, there are three general categories of accessibility: Some apps are completely inaccessible, giving a blind user no information whatsoever. At the other end of the spectrum are the apps that work like a charm, allowing a blind guy to do anything a sighted person can. And then there are a great many apps that are somewhere between those two extremes, working to a degree, but not always easily or completely.


For anyone still with me and willing to read more, I’ll explain how VoiceOver works. You launch it with a triple-click of the iPhone’s power button. (It’ll say something like, “VoiceOver on. Another triple click turns it off.) At this point, your phone no longer works as it used to. If the app on your screen is accessible, moving your finger around will tell you what’s beneath the cursor. You can also flick left or right to move forward or back from one element to another. When you find something you’d wish to activate, like a button labeled “New,” you tap twice and you are off to the races.


If someone with the Innuos Sense app would be willing to try launching VoiceOver and seeing what happens, I’d greatly appreciate it. If you move your finger around on the screen does it speak what’s under it? If you flick left and right, does it do the same? When you find something you’d wish to tap on, does double-tapping it activate it? Also, are items labeled clearly? Sighted folks would be surprised to know how many times a VoiceOver user comes across a button that is simply called “button,” instead of, say, “play” or “pause” or some such. When that happens, it’s not a deal-breaker, as a motivated blind user generally has ways to soldier on.


I’ve gone on far too long here, but felt I needed to. If anyone with an Innuos system and the Sense app would be willing to give this a try, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Thanks so very much.


— Howard


The Innuous Sense app, like most apps, uses pictures of album covers as its most common way of displaying music for choice by the user. There will also be text of the artist and name of the album. These are in pretty small print and are not particularly bright.

If you tap on an album you can then see the album name in larger print and a track list, sometimes information about the artist or the album in small print.

There are many Innuous dealers in the US. If you tell us where you live, I’ll find the dealer near you and give you the phone number and address. I’m sure they’d let you try out VoiceOver in their store.

Sorry I can’t be more help, but if you’re close to a dealer that might be the best way to find out if the app is right for you.

Thanks for the suggestion, tomcy6 -- it's a good one. Sadly, the nearest Innuos dealer is close to two hours from here. My wife has suggested that we might find something we'd wish to do near to one of them at some point this summer and make a day of it -- and that could well happen -- but not tomorrow, if you know what I mean.  

I can do that. I have a few things in my queue, but will try it and report back on the rough results and then we can sort the details. Stay tuned. 

in the meantime, you might contact Innuos and ask them that question. 

Thanks so very much, zlone! Don't be in a crazy hurry, but I look forward to hearing what you discover.  –Howard

wont be a satisfying solution 


the sense app wont do it however there is a chat gpt plug in for roon,


forget the Innous a 432evo standard $3500 sounds better and is designed as a roon core and can be upgraded to a higher model.


run roon, and talk to chat gpt to run roon for searching content

or to run roon via siri:


long story short roon offers much greater acess to third party control.


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

432evo and roon dealer



I gave this a try tonight and I would say that the Sense app does work with VoiceOver. Others are correct in that it is a very visual app, and graphic tiles tend to just yield the verbal statement, "grid". However, using single left or right finger swipes allow you to get to the titles and artists which are listed after the album graphic. These are pronounced appropriately. You can also just wander around the screen with your finger and it will say everything you touch.

I found scrolling a bit difficult, but I think I may not be doing it right. It says to use a three finger swipe up or down, and I had only limited success doing this in any app. Activation works as advertised, single tap tells you what you are on, double tap activates it. I was able to start tracks, albums and radio presets. Other than the album pictures yielding the useless word "grid", everything else seemed to state clearly its real function or name. 

My feeling is it is functional, but not perfect, probably on par with what you find with other apps. If you have real specific questions, I am happy to test them out, just let me know.


Wow! This is absolutely fabulous news, and not a little unexpected, too. I cannot thank you enough for having taken the time and done the work to check this out for me. You are too kind. I don't think I'll have any more questions, but if something springs to mind, I'll post again.


-- Howard


@hodu Where are you located? I'm in Texas and if you're nearby I'd be more than happy to let you come on over and play with our Innous.