Seismic Sink Stand or other hifi stands

Currently I am using Solidsteel stands, however I feel there are better stands.
I came across the Seismic Sink Stand, but there are no Seismic Sink Stand dealers in Switzerland, hence my question. Are this stands really that good or are there better stands for the money. It is also said in a review on hifi choice, that the latest Seicsmici Sink Stand is more practical than earlier Seismic incarnations, this seems to lag them on performance.
Opinions please.
About 10 years ago I bought 3 of them suckers. They all developed leaks and couldn't be fixed. UGH!!!
I just sold an old Seismic Sink Stand that I had it serviced about 5 years ago by Townshend to repair the leaks.

I now have the 2013 version of Seismic sink stand. The new isolation cells are maintenance free and they work great.

Very pleased with it and definitely recommend it!
Try Symposium Ultra much better ,better bass,stage ,imaging etc. no problems with these!!
The pagode Signature is well known on Germany, got some positive reviews on hifi sites.
When you include the negative stiffness Minus K, the latest Vibraplane, Halcyonics, Herzan, TMC iso platform, Silent Running, as well as all the lower cost alternatives such as air bladders, bicycle inner tubes, squash Balls, Newport isolators, Super Balls, bungee cords, mag lev, suspensions of various types, mechanical springs, there are simply too many to chose from, I mean, who has the time or resources to compare them all?