Hi, all: I am in East Texas. My husband has so much equipment I can’t even spreadsheet it all. He is now in a nursing home with dementia and will not be coming home. I want to sell all the equipment, and am a motivated seller. Some of the brands: Marantz, Bryston, Linn Klout, Linn Kairn, Linn Magic, Linn Keil, Parasound, Theil, Klipsch, Polk Audio, Cambridge, Audio Research. Then lower end stuff like Sony, Yamaha, Onkyo, Teac, etc. Miles of cables/interconnects (Audio Magic, Audio Quest, Toslink, and others -- hard to inventory. Best ones are not on this list because they are behind equipment.) Lots of power wedges. DACs, power conditioners, and misc. other stuff like racks.
So sorry to hear about your husband.  We went through it with my mother.

If you get some ideas on what things are worth, Craig’s list is free and charges like 1 or 2% and you can specify pickup only on both.

All the best.

I'm not trouncing AG but there is a listing fee and a RE LISTING fee. 
I've never sold on AG only bought.

I don't think it's the place for the Texas lady. I'm from the Waco area as a kid, Moody actually. I almost bet the local PD would help you out as far as the money exchanges. Just check. 

Your on my prayer list Good Texas Lady. I know what it's like to take care of a loved one that is not mentally or physically well. It wears you out..

Somehow get a message  where the list of GEAR is. ID the stuff by model ..  It's usually on the face plate, or an ID tag on the back or bottom. Most here will know what you're talking about..

No lifting please.. be careful, there are sharp corners on some of that stuff. Heavy too..

Picture of Gear works, pictures of piles works.. 

I wish you good fortune and smooth sailing on your endeavor..

With respect.

I may be interested in some things like the Parasound and what brand and model on any streamer and Dac.

You can message me privately and will provide you my number.   
Sorry to hear that.
You might try talking to a reputable online vendor like The Music Room and work something to sell everything quickly and easily if desired. Or you can do it yourself online here or usaudiomart if you determine the extra money you might receive is worth it for you.  Of course a local buyer in the business if there would save having to deal with shipping. Audiogon blue book could be a useful resource to help determine value. 
my condolences on your loss

things are just things, don't mean much when the spirit is gone

all the best